Horoscopes: Feb. 25 – March 3, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Beware of being overly dogmatic this week. You must not only be willing to learn new things, but also to accept the strangeness of life. Mercury in Aquarius and the sun in Pisces work together to make you a keen observer and a student of the heart in the coming two weeks. Release old grudges, spend time near water, color outside the lines.

Taurus: Pisces season has a way of re-inspiring our more rose-tinted ambitions. Allow yourself to be a little naively hopeful and curious, especially in romantic matters. There is joy in being open and even in looking silly. I know you consider yourself a “realist” but perhaps this is what keeps you from really trying. 

Gemini: This week, cultivate your own peaceful zone, whether mentally, emotionally, indoors, or outdoors. Quiet time, de-stressing, and avoiding people who distract you or harsh your vibe is particularly important during Pisces season. Your ruler Mercury is in Aquarius right now, and you require room to think and let your ideas breathe and expand. 

Cancer: Make room for your creativity this week; integrate it into your reality. Your imagination is not separate from your feelings or your logic. The sun in Pisces in tandem with Mercury in Aquarius is all about that mind/spirit connection. Focus your energy on cultivating healthy sleep habits, kind ways of speaking to yourself, or studying your dreams and their symbolism. Things are not always so literal. 

Leo: A grudge is not a boundary, and a boundary is not a grudge. Check where your energy is coming from. Skipping from one extreme to the other is not the answer. This solar season of Pisces is about setting boundaries that promote your peace and letting go of the grudges that disturb it. Find the balance of holding and releasing where it truly feels best.

Virgo: This week is an opportunity to break out of your comfort zone, switch up routines, or ask the questions you have always been hesitant to ask. The sun in your opposite sign of Pisces and your ruling planet Mercury in Aquarius are both aspects that open minds and broaden horizons. Learning, self exploration, and new friendships are highlighted under these aspects. Make time for the unusual.

Libra: This week you may find yourself challenging your previous values. You wonder what rules are important to stick to but also what needs to change. Your ruling planet Venus is in practical and realistic Capricorn right now, and you are looking to simplify your life. It’s important to follow your own senses and not to get caught up in outside influences. Self esteem and healthy boundaries are highlighted at this time and play a large part in your enjoyment of close relationships.

Scorpio: This week the sun in fellow water sign Pisces is a boost of psychic energy. It can be harrowing to be so deeply immersed in our dreams and at times, but perhaps the lesson is to not view our dreams as “good” or “bad” but merely as neutral mental and emotional symbols, exercises, reflections of our subconscious selves, and our connections with nature, other people, and other realms. 

Sagittarius: This week you may be feeling like the underdog. The person who is always quietly working, doing the best with what they have, waiting for a little time in the spotlight. Don’t give up. Venus’ placement in Capricorn rewards those who strive the way you have been doing. Patience pays off as we wrap up these last weeks of February, and soon you will turn around and see a whole new scenario, built from your vision, and full of opportunity.

Capricorn: Venus in your sign until March 6th has the focus on your creative endeavors, love life, and self image. Seek those who support your creativity, laugh with you, and make you feel special. Much progress in both romance and business comes from partnerships and teamwork at this time. This week your energy is consistent and steady and you feel as if you are in the home stretch of a marathon that you are ready to complete with gusto. 

Aquarius: This week you are on the hunt for new ideas and inspiration. Mercury in your sign until March 9th means that your mind is sharp and you can rapidly integrate new information and skills into your repertoire. Research, classes, and skill exchanges with peers bode well at this time. Your interests and thoughts may seem random or scattered due to this influx of Mercury’s energy so it is important to find ways to channel and focus this electricity. 

Pisces: This week of your solar season makes you feel like shaking things up! It can feel easier than usual to venture out on your own and tackle things head on. Personal endeavors, pleasure seeking, and problem solving are highlighted for you at this time. Others may look to you as an example, and it’s ok to let that get to your head just a little from time to time. You finish out the month of February feeling bold and brave.