Horoscopes: Feb. 18 – 24. 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week, Jupiter and Uranus’ transit on the 17th brings about an attitude adjustment. You see results when you loosen up and stop trying to control everything and everyone; positivity flows if you let it. The sun’s move into Pisces on the 18th is all about self discovery, empathy, and deep understanding. Your views can become more nuanced and you can hold space for many contradictory things that are all true at once. Be flexible, admit wrongs, forgive others. 

Taurus: This week a Jupiter and Uranus interaction brings good fortune to those who are open to possibilities. This transit favors imagination and open mindedness, Try being available to the universe. The sun begins its month-long stay in watery Pisces on the 18th and you may be reflecting deeply on your spirituality, your hidden feelings, and the parts of you that need extra love. It is an ideal time to practice self compassion and acceptance. 

Gemini: This week as the sun moves into the house of the water sign Pisces you may be feeling more ready to speak openly about your feelings and be vulnerable with people who have been trying to connect with you. Pisces can help us to get real with ourselves, face the strangeness of life, and share love in radical ways. Relationships can take whatever shape comes naturally to them, and it becomes a very elegant dance. 

Cancer: This week as the moon begins to wane you are feeling more relaxed and ready for a break. The manic energy of last week’s full moon has subsided. The sun begins it’s transit of fellow water sign Pisces, and you are inspired to just be yourself and find the simple joys and pleasures in your life. Your imagination is a retreat for you during this time. Art and self expression can be particularly healing for you and interesting to share with others. 

Leo: This week a Jupiter and Uranus transit kicks off a spell of thinking outside the box. The more creative energy you put out into the world, the better the results. Don’t be shy! The sun’s move into Pisces is calling you to something deep and profound as Pisces can inspire spiritual reflection and emotional healing. This month-long solar transit is a time to be who you want to be and shape your life around your innermost desires and dreams as they slowly rise to the surface. 

Virgo: For the remainder of February you will be a hot commodity. The sun in your opposite sign of Pisces has a way of putting a groove in your stride that makes you confident and attractive to others. There can be success in business or romance at this time. You are feeling focused on your goals and you seem to be getting better at knowing what you want and what steps you need to take.

Libra: This week’s Jupiter and Uranus transit has you reflecting deeply on your feelings and the thoughts that you have kept on the back burner. There can be a shift in priorities as desires that you tucked away seem to come into the light. The sun’s move into Pisces on the 18th brings you more good fortune especially concerning daily routines, your private life, and your self-care. This can be an ideal time to find new ways to exercise your mind, boost your mood, and break bad habits.

Scorpio: This week, with the sun in your fellow water sign of Pisces, it may serve you well to take on a challenge so you can see just how useful your skills truly are. You often underestimate yourself. Self expression is also highlighted during this transit and you may find great satisfaction in deep conversations, mediating for others, or artistic pursuits. Jupiter squares your ruler Pluto on the 23rd and may give you the extra nudge you need to get out of a negative pattern of cyclical thinking. 

Sagittarius: This week as the sun enters Pisces on the 18th you are more focused on downtime, home life, and intimate relationships. The world can feel distracting and overwhelming at times, and after expelling so much energy and effort over last week’s full moon you’ll want to disengage a little to curb the burnout. Your ruling Jupiter makes a strong transit of Uranus and Pluto this week, bringing attention to the need for a fresh perspective and a more optimistic outlook. 

Capricorn: This week your mind is active and ready to learn. The sun in Pisces activates your mental energy, making it an ideal time to try new things, connect with new people, and acquire new skills. The remainder of February is pleasant and enriching; your powers of self expression seem to reach farther than usual. Artistic endeavors bode well and communication feels more succinct and satisfying as you come out of your shell. There may also be breakthroughs in career or finances at this time.

Aquarius: Although Aquarius season comes to a close on the 18th and Pisces season begins, you are feeling proactive and on top of things. Jupiter’s transit of your ruling planet Uranus brings you good fortune in matters concerning group projects, teamwork, and communication. Keep things simple this week and enjoy your accomplishments big and small. You are the type of person who seeks meaning in all that they do so it is important to find and maintain that alignment as you move forward. 

Pisces: Welcome to your solar season, dear Pisces! As the sun begins it’s transit of your first house on the 18th you may be recognized by others for your unique gifts. You are radiating an appealing and attractive energy in general. Your personal knack for reading people with your intuition comes in handy as you step out into new social situations that require your special brand of understanding and empathy. Throughout the remainder of February you can be making new connections, deepening existing ones, and exploring your own relationship with yourself. Keep an eye out for inspiration in unlikely places.