Horoscopes: Jan. 21-27, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Aquarius season begins this week and with it comes a serious energetic shift. It’s not all about you. You are a part of something, and you want to connect with your community with the things you cherish, and with nature. Your mental energy is focused on bringing the future and the present into one place. Higher consciousness, philosophy, society, and morality are themes that you may be thinking about deeply during this time. Frustrations find their relief in compassion.

Taurus: With two major aspects — the sun and Mercury — in Aquarius, there are many things in life to ponder deeply. It’s ok to not have all the answers. Pretending to be certain can be the thing that holds you back sometimes. It can be liberating to simply say “I don’t know,” as it can be a chance to learn or a window to let someone else share their insight. An open mind is the best thing for Aqaurius season.

Gemini: This week, as the sun moves into Aqaurius to accompany your ruling planet Mercury in its Aqaurian retrograde, the message now is to simplify. Close some tabs, clear the inbox, check the spam folder and clean house. Your mind is busy and active but your interests are scattered. Find a way to connect and relate all these things you’re keeping yourself busy with. 

Cancer: As Aqaurius season begins, the sun is entering your partnership sector. You are focusing your energy on making connections that build up your life experience. Reaching outside of your common friend circle and meeting people that can be quite different from you can be the thing that helps you grow and break out of your shell. Despite Mercury being in retrograde you have good energy, you may meet obstacles when trying to execute plans but you will learn many things in the process that will help you to succeed at a later date. 

Leo: You are the kind of person who can’t help but live their truth. This Aquarius season has your back. It’s all about making your own rules and being yourself. When you hold back on how you want to dress, how you want to speak, and how you want to live, that’s when you become the thing you fear: an inauthentic person. No more being fake just to please others. 

Virgo: Between the Aqaurius solar season and the north node’s move into your ninth house, you are shifting your philosophy and realigning yourself and your beliefs. You are thinking about spirituality, community, and morality. This is a time of deep reflection and personal re-discovery. Be intentional and enjoy this time of getting to know, and truly be, with yourself. You may find that you enjoy this company as you see just how much you have to offer and share with the world.

Libra: The beginning of fellow Air sign Aquarius’s season has you more in your element. You accomplish many things this week through collaboration, mutual inspiration, and cooperation. You think about yourself in relation to others. Throughout the remainder of January and into mid february you have your ears open for feedback. Once you accept that there is always more to learn, you begin to learn so much more. Information and inspiration comes to you easily as long as your mind is open. You strive to be part of positive change.

Scorpio: As the sun moves into Aquarius, you feel the need to detach from self-limiting beliefs. You can be quite dogmatic at times, and you can become overly attached to negative thinking that makes you feel comfortably miserable. There is control in the bleak predictability of never trying anything new. Admit that you need and want change. You want a connection that nurtures your mental energy. It’s time to try something new. It’s time to ask others what they are thinking about and what inspires them. 

Sagittarius: The sun’s shift into Aquarius brings you amazing mental fortitude. This is an ideal time for learning, experimenting, and even some friendly debating. You are branching out in terms of your hobbies and topics of interest. You are curious about what kind of impact you can have on the world around you. Mutual aid, community outreach, and group projects can be an excellent way to celebrate and harness all this air sign energy. 

Capricorn: Mars still circulating your 12th house — the house of dreams, emotions, and the immaterial realm — means that you are reflecting deeply on your unconscious and subconscious mind. You may be finding it hard to sleep or you may be experiencing very vivid and seemingly symbolic dreams at this time. The sun’s move into Aquarius has you feeling more ready to accept the stranger side of life or the more mysterious aspects of being a human on planet Earth. 

Aquarius: Happy Aqaurius season! During your solar season you are naturally feeling more energized and empowered. You are feeling independent and people seem to have no problem letting you enjoy your private time. They seem to sense that you are cooking up something good. You may be starting to take on new projects or you may be finishing up larger ones that you have been waiting on for some time now. Obstacles begin to clear in these last weeks of January. The north node’s long term stay in your fourth house means that you may be experiencing many of your losses and triumphs on the home front, as the fourth house represents home and family. Your greatest opportunities come from working with and learning from those that are closest to you. Static in your romance sector clears up and you reach an understanding concerning your love life or a certain relationship.

Pisces: Mars in harmony with your sign has your heart feeling eager. You want to skip to the good parts, or to the end, of some of the chapters in your life. You are curious to see how things play out in your love life and career sectors. You may be asking a lot of questions that don’t even have answers yet. It is important to be patient and to find positive channels for this motivation. All will be revealed when the time is right!