PGN’s People of the Year: Staff Edition

A year of PGN covers.

You might have noticed that it’s been a challenging time for print newspapers, not just in the last few years due to Covid, but the last few decades due to the rise of digital and cable news sources. Revenues have been declining even as the need for quality local journalism has become more important than ever. It’s been a lose-lose situation for many outlets, and we’ve seen many local LGBTQ publications have to shutter or shrink.

We at PGN, as well as our colleagues at other LGBTQ newspapers, endure because of the dedication of our staff members and contributors, because we believe that LGBTQ newspapers make a difference for communities and help change the world for the better. There are stories that never would have been told and stories that would have quickly been forgotten without local LGBTQ publications. PGN’s continued coverage of the Nizah Morris case (long after mainstream media stopped reporting on it) is a prime example. 

So as 2021 comes to a close, I’d like to thank all the PGN staff and contributors who have kept the newspaper going this year: 

Victoria A. Brownworth; Kelly Burkhardt; Inez Carvalho; Ash Cheshire; Adrienne Clemmer; Jen Colletta; Tim Cwiek; Julian Domanico; Sean Dorn; Victoria Ebner; Sebastian Fortino; David Griffith; Jeremy Gussick; Cameron Kelsall; Gary Kramer; Suzi Nash; Don Pignolet; Jeremy Rodriguez; Rick Rosendall; Dana Rudolph; Prab Sandhu; Gregg Shapiro; Mark Segal; Ray Simon; Gwen Smith; Kiley Stevenson; Jason Villemez; and Michele Zipkin.

Whether it’s writing an article, designing graphics for print or web, taking photographs, selling advertising, repairing vending boxes, distributing the paper, managing the office, or building relationships, the team effort is the reason that PGN is able to continue operating each year. The team effort is also the reason that PGN wins awards from local and national journalism organizations. In 2021 we won awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, the Pennsylvania Newsmedia Association, and the National Newspaper Association, among others.

I’d also like to thank our colleagues in LGBTQ media who we work with year round on various projects including the history project in October. LGBTQ publications are still going all across the country, including in south Florida, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, Detroit, Los Angeles, North Carolina, Ohio, and many more places. PGN is richer because of your support.

Finally, as this year comes to a close I’d like to thank the LGBTQ community in Philadelphia — the people and the organizations — for all the work they do in support of each other and in the hope that the community will grow and thrive. It is our continued privilege to be able to report your stories week after week. We will continue to do our very best in bringing your stories to the surface.