Christmas Not Canceled

The headline alone is ridiculous, since Christmas has actually grown in popularity in recent years. All one has to do is look at retail sales figures for December or, even earlier, the rush of excitement on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Of course all that tells us is that retail sales have grown. As we know, Christmas is more than money. Fortunately, that can also be discovered in those dollar figures.

Those dollars are going to buy gifts that are for those we care about. Do more sales and more gifts equal more emotions? If so, does the heart grow fonder at Christmas time?

My point is that Christmas has been adopted in some form by people who are not Christian as a time for emotions. Want proof, just tune into the Hallmark or Lifetime channels, which are running 24/7 holiday romance films. What’s wrong with sharing emotions at this time of year? Isn’t it about love? 

Last night my husband and I did what has become a holiday tradition for us, we watch the film “Love Actually.” Now there’s not really an LGBT couple in the film, but we shared that emotional time together… by the way, there was a lesbian couple included in the unedited version of the film, but it got cut out to slim the movie down to 2 hours from it’s original 3 hours 16 minutes.

This time of year is also about gathering with those we love. It’s still a little difficult this year, but we all find a way, even over Zoom. And if you’ve lost someone you cared about this year, celebrate them by seeking out other family and friends. 

I’m not a particularly religious man, but I love this opportunity to share some down time with those loved and dear to me. Christmas isn’t canceled, no matter what it’s called, as long as you don’t want it to be. And I for one don’t.

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