Horoscopes: Dec. 10 – 16, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Your mind is hungry this week and you want to expand your scope of experience, so learning, studying and ideas are highlighted. The energy at this time is all about looking ahead and moving in the direction that feels best. Your wishes for change push you towards new experiences, and you feel prepared to forge ahead into unknown territory. Seeing that you are in the mood for a challenge, it’s an ideal time to go for a goal that you have been afraid of trying for. If you fall down, you will have an easier time dusting yourself and getting back up. 

Taurus: The energy of this week is strong for relationships; you may be deepening your understanding of someone or helping someone to more deeply understand you. You feel committed to problem solving in both relationships and financial matters, utilizing new perspectives you gained during the new moon last week. Mars in your intimacy sector spices up your love life and adds intrigue and intensity. 

Gemini: This week you are feeling more lowkey and private. You just want to focus on one thing at a time and do a thorough job, Mars in your opposite sign of Sagittarius can stir up some deeply concealed desires that you have not thought about in quite some time. Intimate relationships demand a lot of attention and energy this week; you need to share your true thoughts and feelings to get the kind of feedback that you are looking for. 

Cancer: After the new moon/eclipse on the 4th last week, you are feeling the results of that energetic push and you feel more decisive and prepared to tackle the tasks and dilemmas that you have been avoiding. Although you are motivated and fired up, it is still important to stop and take breaks from time to time. Perhaps you have a habit of an all or nothing approach. 

Leo: This week you are boldly plumbing your own depths, going into your mind, seeking emotional interactions and spiritual experiences. This is a time of profound personal growth and discovery. A certain conversation or exchange can be rather eye opening at this time. There is a shift in energy, you expand your comfort zone. Limitations seem to fade away. Romance, passion, and creativity are highlighted. 

Virgo: Mars in your communication sector can inspire you to be more assertive in your speech this week but beware of pushing yourself to a point where you are behaving out of character. Simple and direct will work best. In family life and relationships, focus on the root and causes of things. There is bound to be improvement and clarity when you look at things from this compassionate angle. 

Libra: This week, your to-do list is stacked. You are feeling ambitious about how much you want to get done. In your love life you are seeking practicality and consistency. You tire of the extreme ups and downs; you want something comfortable, and it no longer has to be too glamorous or exciting to appeal to your senses. Applying yourself, sending in resumes, and asking to participate can bring good news and interesting opportunities for the rest of the month. 

Scorpio: You are putting in great effort towards improving your life; there is a focus on mental health and personal empowerment, and you are on the verge of a breakthrough. This week boundary setting comes into play as someone may be asking you for far too large of a favor. Guilt can leave you without much left for yourself sometimes. They have to acknowledge that you are in the middle of something important. 

Sagittarius: This week you attract what you desire. Resources, information, and friendships come naturally to you. You are also influenced by Mars’s bold energy to try new things, overcome any shyness, and keep going in spite of mistakes. As you look around you may notice that your life is in a unique state of flux. Embrace the fluidity of it with grace and watch what blooms.

Capricorn: Mercury enters your sign on the 13th bringing focus and guidance to your mental energy. Learning, communicating and research are favorable endeavors at this time. Some misunderstandings or static-y communication can now reach clarity and understanding. Connections improve in relationships through words that align with actions, trust is built in an equal balance of respect for privacy, and a desire to share openly. Creative inspiration comes along to cure some long standing writer’s block. Old hobbies are revived with new passion. 

Aquarius: This week you are in the mood to initiate a new project or endeavor, and you are feeling more comfortable taking on leadership roles. Your social sector is highlighted under Mercury and you are feeling confident and outgoing. It may be difficult to focus on just one subject or interaction at a time, as your mind is excitable and hungry for novel experiences. Your relationships play an integral role in the achieving of your goals. Pay attention to what they are teaching you.

Pisces: Mars brings an uptick in activity to your career and personal projects. There is much passion and ingenuity to be tapped into. There may be fruitful rewards for your efforts coming your way as well. You are feeling independent and unrestrained all month long. The sun in your 10th house, the house of goals and aspirations, shows you just how capable you truly are. Beware of arrogance and accept support when it is offered. Changes are occurring to your reputation. Others are beginning to view you differently.