Aries: This week, the new moon in Sagittarius gives love and positivity with less reserve. The spirit of the archer is one of confidence and ingenuity. This is an ideal time to venture out of your comfort zone, share what’s been on your mind, and open up to new experiences. Your ruling planet Mars in Scorpio adds some much needed focus into the mix. Your energy is strong but on a single track. In romance you are waiting to see what the other has to offer.

Taurus: This week the new moon in Sagittarius has you pushing the envelope. You seek to be enlightened in some way. You need to make changes and to get rid of self limiting thoughts and words. Your ruling planet Venus in fellow earth sign Capricorn has a more reserved approach to relationships; it’s more about respect than passion. This Venus placement shows the value of privacy and of being discreet in love at certain times.

Gemini: The new moon in your sister sign of Sagittarius this week is a blank canvas for your self expression. Now is a good time to try a different approach to problem solving and communicating. Inspiration comes along with a side order of short attention span, however. With three major aspects in Sagittarius, it may be easy to be excited yet difficult to focus. Venus in Capricorn cools things off in your relationship sector. You prefer to take emotional matters step by step and make decisions based on hard evidence. You want what looks good on paper.

Cancer: The new moon on the 4th this week is in Sagittarius along with Mercury and the sun; there is a certain excitability and electricity in the air. You are feeling creative but also provocative. Beware of your ability to ruffle more feathers than you had planned to. You may be feeling quick and sharp with your words, which can protect you and get things going, but they can be unknowingly hurtful as well. Just try not to go overboard! In romance and relationships you are more reserved, wishing to keep the details of your love life away from the rest of the world.

Leo: This week, with the new moon in Sagittarius along with Mercury and the sun, there is a fiery energy that you feel at home in. You are in the mood to initiate, start, and engage. You feel finally prepared to make the changes that bring you closer to your goals. Mars in Scorpio helps you to find more direction amid all the hype. Venus in Capricorn tells you it’s time to get serious about the trajectory of your relationships. 

Virgo: The new moon in Sagittarius on the 4th inspires you to open up and act from the heart, secrets are set free and creativity and new ideas have room to flourish. The things you have been suppressing come to the surface. It’s good to feel your feelings! Your ruling Mercury is also in fiery Sagittarius, heating up your imagination but also shortening your attention span. Many topics and projects are appealing to you at this time, but be selective with where you put your time and energy.

Libra: This week the new moon in Sagittarius makes some of the confusing situations we have been in become more clear and understandable. There is a blank canvas on which you can create new modes of self expression. You are becoming increasingly less concerned with what others think of you or your work, and this allows you to reach new heights and be more honest with yourself. Your ruling Venus in Capricorn gives you the desire for stability and consistency in your relationships. Dramatic ups and downs are losing their appeal. 

Scorpio: This week, you are emboldened by the new moon in Sagittarius on the 4th. As you shed the past that has been weighing you down, there is a feeling of fresh air and open space. Now is an ideal time for new beginnings. Let go of your self limiting thoughts, make peace with your mistakes. Mars in your first house gives you razor sharp wit and focus, and your energy is commanding and attractive. Utilized correctly, this can greatly improve your self image. Forge ahead.

Sagittarius: This week you enjoy all the fanfare and attention! It’s a great time to branch out, make appearances, and make moves. The new moon in your sign on the 4th brings a renewed sense of self and a present mindedness that allows you to tackle new challenges. The sun and Mercury are still in your first house as well, highlighting self esteem, communication, and creativity. In love and romance it’s best to pace yourself and examine the details.

Capricorn: This week the new moon in Sagittarius on the 4th asks you to take it easy and relax a little, there seems to be an open space for you to pause and reflect at this moment. Move forward deliberately, view things with kindness and objectivity, listen to your feelings. Logic isn’t just numbers and statistics. Venus in your first house inspires kindness, patience and understanding. Romance and relationships are highlighted as people are drawn in by your easy charm and unique humor.

Aquarius: This week, with three major placements in Sagittarius including the new moon on the 4th, you are feeling bold and brave. You are willing to go out on a limb for the things and the people that you believe in. Communication is strong and long term projects are highlighted. Creativity flows from unlikely inspiration. In romance and relationships you are strategic, it all comes down to timing and tact. You want something mutually respectful and beneficial. 

Pisces: This week is very powerful for money matters, career, and home life. Three placements in Sagittarius, including the new moon on the 4th, make for opportunities for growth, and the drive to generate momentum is strong. Your attributes shine in practical matters and your intuition guides you. You are willing to defend your beliefs. Capricorn’s influence on Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is subdued and collected. You seek comfort and stability from your relationships. Showy displays, and flowery speeches just aren’t cutting it, you want results.