Horoscopes: Nov. 12 – 18, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week the moon’s phase waxing in the first quarter and into the half creates an energy that is both motivating and cultivating, but it can potentially cause stress, volatility and over competitiveness. Venus in Capricorn doesn’t cut corners in love, relationships, homelife, and self image. You know that you’re the type to do what needs to be done. You find great reward in loyalty. You value those who support your ambitions. 

Taurus: This week, Venus in steadfast Capricorn says to you “consistency is hot.” You appreciate the more subtle qualities in others that normally go unnoticed. This placement is anything but shallow. You go beyond the surface of all your interactions to find purpose, intention, and virtue. You may also be getting more serious about finances.

Gemini: This week you realize the value of long term connections thanks to Venus in Capricorn. You may be reaching out to show your appreciation to someone who has always been there for you or to show up in meaningful ways for those closest to you. Your love is dutiful under this transit. Affections may not be flowery or cutesy at this time but it is practical and goes where it is needed. You are also proving to yourself that your heart is willful and that you do not give up easily on yourself.

Cancer: This week, Venus in your opposite sign of Capricorn is telling you to get real and get serious. In conjunction with your ruling moon, which is waxing forwards through its phases, this is a time for goal setting, envisioning fruition, saving money, and building connections. Loyalty and consistency are rewarded while cool and calm assertiveness yields results. Try to project confidence, and take your time.

Leo: This week Venus in Capricorn favors the long term, the loyal, and the committed. Use your time and energy wisely and watch your investments grow. Mutual support of goals is one way to show love right now; it’s not so much about greeting cards or gifts at the moment. Listening, planning, and getting things going is what wins hearts during this extra long visit that Venus is paying to Capricorn. Mars, Mercury, and the Sun all in Scorpio means that desires are strong and often focused on a single subject.

Virgo: This week Venus in Capricorn helps you to exude cool confidence if you are willing to build upon it. In romance you are aloof and reserved but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have your own more practical ways of showing you care. You appreciate reliability in your relationship and you are willing to match the energies of others. Three planetary placements in Scorpio, including your ruling planet Mercury, means that you are motivated and creatively energized but can be prone to obsession and hyperfocus.

Libra: This week your ruling planet Venus is in Capricorn. You are taking your finances and work seriously, and you are saving money and making beneficial connections. You seek to be more stable and predictable and to stick to your plans. You want to do what you say you are going to do. Keep it simple and straightforward.

Scorpio: Three major planetary aspects, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars, all in your first house have your mental and physical energy supercharged. You are more talkative and outgoing than usual, and you’re expressing yourself thoroughly and honestly. Accompanied by Venus in Capricorn, you are in your element, feeling decisive and steadfast. You are one who always values respect over love; respect comes first for you. Loyalty and consistency are rewarded from both sides of any relationships.

Sagittarius: The moon moving forward through its phases is motivating and inspires innovation, but it can also negatively influence us, making us impatient and impulsive. Venus in Capricorn for an extra long stay seeks genuine connection and shared goals instead of surface level attractions and temporary thrills. Your penchant for planning as you go finds success, and the formula becomes clear as to what works for you. Unlikely heroes emerge at this time. The spotlight shines in dark corners.

Capricorn: This week Venus in your sign highlights your best attributes and people want to get closer to you. You are a steadfast character aware of both possibilities and limitations, moving through your triumphs and defeats with equal grace. You are driven to be creative and to succeed. You certainly don’t gloss over the details. Your keen sense achieves further clarity during this time. Mars in Scorpio influences you to seek deeper meaning and to plumb your own emotional depths. You are drawn to obscure knowledge and unlikely pathways.

Aquarius: This week Venus in Capricorn inspires practicality, mutual goals, and ambitions. Your relationships are your investments. Long term commitments and loyalty are particularly appealing at this time. You are taking your self expression very seriously. Your creativity has a practical angle to it these days; you seek to find purpose in your efforts and intention in your days. Mercury in Scorpio influences us to uncover our own hidden truths, while thoughts are deep and intense. We are prone to daydreaming. We see the subtext easily.

Pisces: This week Venus in Capricorn says “ I deserve the best.” This means that you want to get what you give. If you put forth honesty, reliability, and effort towards your relationships, both platonic and romantic, it is perfectly acceptable to expect the same in return. In love you want someone who is willing to support your ambitions and celebrate your successes. Mercury in Scorpio says that nothing is quite what it seems; it instinctively understands the nuances of feelings and human behavior. Communication is sharp and to the root of the matter, and you thrive in the ways that Mercury in Scorpio is not afraid to ”go there,” meaning those intense places that others feel squeamish about. Nothing surprises you.

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