Horoscopes: Nov. 4 – 11, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Limiting beliefs about yourself, the world, and others has been holding you back. Rethink what is possible and watch what changes. This will require patience because it won’t happen on the first try. The new moon says start over again.

Taurus: Raise your expectations. Perhaps you keep them low out of a fear of disappointment and this may seem wise at first, but it puts a limit on your possible outcomes. The new moon on the 4th sets you on a path of trying new things.

Gemini: Redirect your focus towards prioritizing and organizing. The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th says that there is no time to play around. Self discipline can help you find your center. Let go of distracting and negative influences. 

Cancer: Accept your intensity. Being smaller for the comfort of others is limiting your energy. There are people out there who can meet you on your level or at least will try to understand. The new moon this week tells you you’re through with playing into preconceived notions.

Leo: Be dynamic and roll with the punches. Life is full of uncertainty and confidence comes from accepting that with grace. This week with Mars in your home sector, there can be change and renewal in your domestic life. The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th opens your mind to a more spiritual view of the mundane world. 

Virgo: Take time to get to know yourself again and again. This week the new moon in Scorpio is deepening our sense of self. We are always growing and changing. We never stop because we aren’t supposed to stop. It’s never a one and done thing.

Libra: Don’t make assumptions, allow things to unfold in their own ways and to reveal themselves on their own time. Allowing things to flow naturally brings a new ease to your path. The new moon in Scorpio is opening your mind to a more accepting side. There is beauty in strangeness, and there is beauty and strangeness in everything.

Scorpio: You are in your element right now, and while that sounds awesome, it’s also an intense time. You are reflecting deeply, regenerating your energy, and renewing your sense of self. The new moon in your sign this week opens your heart and mind. In love you are bold and loyal, and in career and home settings you are decisive. Others turn to you for guidance.

Sagittarius: Follow your passions this week and move forward unapologetically. The new moon in Scorpio brings opportunities to come as you are. The past and the future are not places, the only place to be is here, in the present. 

Capricorn: Unify your senses this week. You have been occupying so many places at once. Meet yourself in the moment. The new moon in Scorpio brings opportunities to tighten your grasp on your goals. Focus brings fortune. Venus in your sign brings relationships into the spotlight.

Aquarius: An end is also a beginning. The new moon in Scorpio brings things full circle this week. You now have the room to explore the infinite diverging and converging paths. Remember that imagination is the key to healing. 

Pisces: Customize your life to fit around you. This new moon in Scorpio brings attention to your unique spiritual and energetic needs. You seek freedom, expression, and opportunities. Mars’ influence on your solar chart favors a hands-on approach to getting things done. Venus in Capricorn has you knowing what you want.