Horoscopes: Oct 28 – Nov. 4, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week, Venus in Sagittarius and the sun in Scorpio is invigorating and mind-expanding. You are open to change and opportunity in the realm of your personal life. Emotions are intense but this may come with some unintended side effects. Beware incendiary impulses, jealousy, and vindictiveness. Arguments can feel like sports but they’re not.

Taurus: This week you are inspired to wear your heart on your sleeve, and your vulnerability inspires others to be more real with themselves and with you. Libra in the communications sector of Mercury highlights the need for tactful yet authentic expression and sharing of ideas. You realize that empathy and logic are not opposites.

Gemini: This week your ruling planet Mercury in the house of diplomatic Libra has you reevaluating any rough edges you have with your communication style. You are operating in the spirit of fairness and clarity. You seek to avoid any unhelpful static.

Cancer: This week, as the sun is still with us in intense and thought provoking Scorpio, you are becoming more unapologetic about your feelings and ideas. It’s a no nonsense time. Venus in Sagittarius has you curious about the potential of certain relationships. 

Leo: This week there is a good energy for working hard on your own goals, and your attention is focused on one or two things very intensively. The solar influence of Scorpio creates an intense emotional landscape and feelings are felt to the extreme, the good ones and the not so pleasant ones. Beware of jealousy, vindictiveness, and arguing for the fun of it. Ride the waves of love, loyalty, inspiration, and curiosity instead.

Virgo: This week your ruling planet Mercury in the erudite sign of Libra inspires you to gain new knowledge and wield its power. Interesting information comes to you when you feel that you are in a creative slump and it reawakens your imagination. A new sense of open mindedness washes over you. The sun in Scorpio deepens your understanding of yourself and others, you reserve your judgements.

Libra: This week Mercury, the planet of communication, travel, and information, is in your sign. You are feeling motivated to expand your area of expertise, learn from different perspectives, and have a little change of scenery. Your ruling planet Venus in Sagittarius gives love and energy more freely and doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

Scorpio: This week as the sun continues its transit of your first house it feels like all eyes are on you. Friends turn to you for guidance in relationships and spiritual growth, seeing you as someone experienced and wise in the ways of deeper feelings and elusive ideas. Your strength is shining through even if you aren’t feeling like a winner.

Sagittarius: This week Venus is in your sign boosting creativity, romance, and relationships. Encounters with someone from the past can be interesting and enlightening at this time. Exercise caution, as you are prone to getting carried away during this transit.

Capricorn: This week as the sun continues its stay in Scorpio you become more comfortable exploring the depths of your own mind and spirit. You are one who knows the value of privacy and of keeping secrets. Your life has many layers, your energy is strong and one of a kind. You seek to make your decisions with respect and dignity at the lead.

Aquarius: This week as the sun continues its transit of your fellow fixed sign of Scorpio you are articulating to yourself what the principles are that you choose to live by, your golden rules. This can help you to commit more confidently to the things you have deemed worthy. Relationships are warm and harmonious at this time, loyalty is rewarded for all parties involved. 

Pisces: This week, as the sun continues its transit of your fellow water sign of Scorpio, you are taking a deep dive into the world of dreams, memories, and meaning. Music sounds brighter. Inspiration is found in unlikely places. Your life has many different facets that all reflect your unique energy. Relationships deepen through nuanced understanding of one another; let them naturally ebb and flow.

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