Aries: This week, Pluto direct has us existing in a more outward way; we are feeling less selective, more willing to connect, and less likely to solely blame ourselves for the things we cannot control. Jupiter and Mercury going to direct on the 18th help us feel more aligned and grounded in reality. This week you become aware of your duties and responsibilities. Communication is slow and deliberate; however, romantic affairs can feel detached. The full moon in your first house on the 20th ignites an inner flame. 

Taurus: The four planets, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mercury, and Saturn turning direct this week can be a huge sigh of relief. Doubts you have been having about certain financial or career moves should be cleared up during this time. Self confidence increases. This retrograde period could have revealed some previously concealed details about our close relationships, now what is to be done with such intel?

Gemini: Your ruler Mercury ends it’s retrograde in Libra on the 18th and you begin to regain your sense of balance. During this retrograde period there may have been a person or people close to you who were revealing their true colors in a time of strife or trial. Some were unexpectedly supportive or forgiving, while others were unexpectedly cold or unpleasant. Put your energy where it is deserved and appreciated.

Cancer: This week as we experience the benefits of Mercury and Jupiter ending their retrogrades, you are starting to think like your old self again, but Mercury retrograde isn’t all bad, it teaches us about letting go a little, not trying to control every detail, and not trying to put all of the responsibility and blame on ourselves. The full moon in Aries on the 20th is a time of honoring the self, taking charge, and initiative. In balance with the sun still in Libra we find fulfillment in meeting the needs of partners and close friends as well as ourselves. 

Leo: Saturn’s turn to direct this week inspires you to be more bold and determined. Waiting around for others to join or approve of your actions feels less and less appealing. You crave integrity and independence. You feel in charge of your own destiny. The full moon in your fellow fire sign of Aries on the 20th has you desiring more intensity and realness from your relationships both platonic and romantic. You want to feel free to be yourself in a way that honors you and others.

Virgo: Your ruling planet mercury direct in Libra this week means you can begin to return to a sense of normalcy and predictability in your daily routine. Taking things day by day is how you have managed your affairs lately but now that Saturn also goes direct this week you feel confident enough to make more long term plans. You are seeing clearly where your responsibilities should be and where your time and energy are well spent. The full moon in Aries on the 20th highlights your sense of self and your greater passions in life, like creative pursuits and social causes.

Libra: This week Mercury finally ends its retrograde in your first house on the 18th. You can be feeling some of your signature indecision slowing you down this week. But on the plus side the full moon in Aries sweeps in on the 20th to bring a cavalier and romantic energy onto the scene and into your social and love life. Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn also end their retrogrades this week, so clarity in money matters, education, and self improvement are more likely.

Scorpio: This week Mercury ends its retrograde in Libra inspiring you to feel strong and sturdy in your convictions. Jupiter also turning direct this week can help to clarify home life and domestic situations. The full moon in Aries on the 20th energizes your emotional and mental energy. You see clearly what areas in your life require extra care and attention.

Sagittarius: This week, as four planets return from retrograde including your ruler Jupiter, your interests expand and your motivation increases. You may find yourself digging up old or neglected dreams and passions during this time. The full moon in the fellow fire sign of Aries on the 20th brings romance and art to an ecstatic level. Revelations are in unexpected places. There is also a strange tenseness in the air as Mars ruled Aries can sometimes feel precarious to contain. 

Capricorn: Your ruling planet Saturn ends its retrograde period this week and you begin to rediscover your talent for powering through things and seeing that whatever it is gets done. Your attitude is large and in charge once again after a period of listlessness and a lack of information. Things are coming together in a way that is more aligned with your vision. The full moon in Aries on the 20th can be energizing but can also cause your imagination to run a little too wild. 

Aquarius: This week as Mercury ends its retrograde period on the 18th, you begin to enjoy a fresh perspective. You feel that you can view people and situations more objectively from this vantage point and it allows your decision making to flow more easily. In career and creative pursuits you may be receiving some recognition or positive feedback for the efforts that you have been putting in over these past few weeks. The full moon in Aries on the 20th highlights your house of communication and connection, and you may feel a certain rush to convey information or express certain things. Follow your passion but beware the impulsivity that often follows.

Pisces: Mercury ends its retrograde on the 18th this week and creates a safe place for self discovery and exploration. You are revealing to yourself a little more everyday what kind of power lies beneath your protective shell. What you discover may inspire unexpected changes in trajectory or in your stylistic approach to things especially in the areas of work, homelife and creativity. The full moon in Aries on the 20th inspires you to gently push yourself out of your comfort zone as you face the feelings that you have been ignoring or trying to minimize. Validate yourself!