Aries: Pluto in your tenth house brings attention your way, some wanted and some unwanted. You like credit where it’s due but also aren’t exactly comfortable in the spotlight. This week you are in your own headspace and finding your own groove, you don’t want it to be uninterrupted. 

Taurus: Your ruling planet Venus brings harmonious and earthy energy to your relationships. You receive grounding stability from a close friend’s influence. New projects are taking shape and things you started doing at the beginning of the month under the new moon are gaining momentum.

Gemini: This week you are moving quickly through your days, there is a busy feeling to your life. Your plans work well and go smoothly but there are quite a few things going on at once. You may also be putting your creative energy towards your home or wardrobe. Beware of becoming overly fixated on appearances. 

Cancer: This week you are focusing your energy on wellness, self improvement, and positive attitudes. You emerge from the darkness of last week’s new moon into the light of increased self awareness. Creative projects and community engagement is fruitful and gratifying all throughout the month.

Leo: Mars’ influence on your financial sector might have you spending like crazy and indulging your impulses, so that may need to be reeled in a little. On the bright side, you are feeling optimistic, excited, and curious, which is partially what fuels your spree. You are moving forward and sweeping others up in your good vibes. 

Virgo: This week during your solar season, your mood and mental energy are curious and hungry for knowledge. You seek things to intrigue you, occupy you, and keep you busy. The buzzing of your imagination can cause anxiety when it is not properly entertained and cared for. You are a super computer and the month of September brings powerful insight and information to you. 

Libra: Big changes occurred for you after last week’s new moon. You may still be processing certain feelings. Take your time and give yourself the space to explore. You contain many different things, some of which may contradict one another. Make peace with the mystery.

Scorpio: This week Venus is in your sign and is making you hungry, not just for food, but also for experience, inspiration, intimacy, and knowledge. You take a risk this week and choose trust over suspicion. You go the extra mile on a situation you would normally phone in for appearances. 

Sagittarius: This week you are in the zone, Mercury’s last regular transit before retrograde period influences your work life and financial goals. An offer may be made and there may be an intense decision making process this week. You have the energy and the environment to explore your options. 

Capricorn: After last week’s new moon in Virgo you have been rethinking your own path. Mirroring the trajectory of others or measuring your success by the benchmarks of others has clearly not been cutting it. Move at your own pace, because there is no “age” for success.

Aquarius: This week you are feeling impatient about reaping the rewards of your efforts. You want results and instant gratification, but some things may take more time. Don’t fret, because good things are on the way. Venusian influence introduces you to new people who shake up your expectations.

Pisces: Make time for old friends this week. A long conversation with someone who knows you well can provide much comfort and clarity. A group may be negatively swaying your opinions and your feelings without you even noticing. Touching base with your inner circle can help to reverse this. Keep your schedule flexible this week as you will be in demand.