Horoscopes: July 16 – 22, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: A more subtle and nuanced approach to communication is required this week. In love and relationships, we may be more inclined to show our affection by being helpful, practical and observant. Competitiveness and a lack of pleasantries from you can really put people off this week since the general mood is one of sensitivity. It can be easy to get carried away by guilt or insecurities. You want to feel that you are doing your best.

Taurus: Your inner flame is bright, yet contained this week, and your passions and motivations feel concentrated on one thing at a time. Earth sign influences in the stars this week compliment your more sensual yet logical side. Your work and relationships are uplifted by your thoughtfulness, which comes naturally to you.

Gemini: Sometimes you can skip over talking the talk and go straight into walking the walk. Actions are louder than words. This week is all about moving in silence. You can find being helpful to others is particularly fulfilling as Venus in Virgo highlights our need to feel useful to the people and causes that we care about. Beware of being hypercritical of one’s self; it can become a strange obsession. 

Cancer: This final week of your solar season is cooling down nicely under the sensual and practical influences of Venus’ move into Virgo. You are feeling gentle and creative through this transit, while Mars in Leo creates a balanced space to explore healthy assertiveness and decisiveness concerning your wants and desires. A moderate amount of self analyzing and reflection can show you how much you have changed over the past three weeks.

Leo: Mars in your first house gives you a boost of assertive energy while Venus moves into Virgo. Through this transit you find yourself wondering what kind of role you want to play in the lives of your loved ones. You seek purpose and pleasure, and you may find these things are in the same place.

Virgo: This week you are in your element. Venus in Virgo can bring people onto the same page as you and they may begin to appreciate some of your finer points that may normally go unnoticed. You are feeling confident and easygoing. You seek sensual experiences that are simple and indulgent, as well as self care through things like reorganization and making to-do lists.

Libra: This week you find it good to focus your energy as you wait for the larger picture to come into view. The vibe this week is more subdued and collected. The moon in your sign on Thursday and Friday is a good time to treat yourself to something high quality and practical that you will get a lot of use out of. Investments made thoughtfully can reap rewards later.

Scorpio: This week’s energy is sensual yet subtle. You are feeling rather tender and idealistic, you wish to see your vision materialize in the real world. The moon in your sign over the weekend can make you feel pensive and withdrawn. Sharing your thoughts with one person in particular can create, change or deepen a connection. 

Sagittarius: This week Venus is moving into the earth sign of Virgo. The energy shifts from bold and ostentatious Leo, into sensuous yet practical Virgo. This is an opportunity to show thoughtfulness and good sense. Being observant and helpful to those around you is especially rewarding. Shopping for high quality and useful items is better than frivolous spending. The moon in your sign at the start of the new week brings a positive mood.

Capricorn: You are a being who knows the best things in life are things of simplicity and comfort. Venus in fellow earth sign Virgo brings a subdued and sensual energy that fits in with your style. Practical tasks and logical intuition are highlighted for navigating your emotional landscape and your relationships. You may not have the flashier ways of showing you care but sensibility is its own form of romance.

Aquarius: Your self awareness is highlighted this week, as Venus in Virgo helps you recognize that you are taking things more seriously and sincerely these days. You had your time to be playful but now you are gathering your thoughts and focusing your energy. You favor more cooperative activities, and you are tired of competitive environments. You just want to feel that things are following a simple set of flexible rules that suit the moment best.

Pisces: This week Venus is in earthy and thoughtful Virgo. This creates a balanced mood for you as it is your opposite sign. Your intuition is complemented by cool headed logic and you seek reward in practical tasks and material results. Your relationship roles can become more clearly defined as you and your partners or friends see how you keep things rolling with teamwork, dynamics, and communication. Things are likely to make more sense when we take a step back and see the big picture.