Take pride in how we’ve handled the pandemic

JCAA resident Mary Groce receives her first Covid-19 vaccine dose.

It’s going to happen. We are heading down the homestretch of this pandemic and as we do we should be proud of how our community dealt with it. 

Our LGBT businesses spent considerable time in the beginning educating the public on what little information we had to stay safe, and as we learned more they continued to accommodate as safely as possible. Our artists and performers went online and entertained and raised funds. Food drives were created for immigrants and seniors in our community. And our medical and community centers kept us up to date on the latest scientific developments and have worked to get the vaccine to our community. 

The Philadelphia LGBT community has good reason to take pride. As someone in the news business, it’s my job to note what other cities are doing, and it is clear that Philly’s LGBT community outdid most in almost each of the major areas of this pandemic. Getting information out, caring for those in need, and getting the vaccine delivered in a non judgmental way. Philadelphians often put themselves down or compare the city to others, but on this one you are heads and tails above the rest. 

Now it’s time to begin to normalize and give thanks to those who got us through by patronizing LGBT business and by helping the non-profits that kept you informed and vaccinated. 

While we still have a ways to go, the end is in sight.  So take pride, since you have a community that knows how to respond in a crisis.