Horoscopes: April 9 – 16, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: A lunar trine this week connects the past with the present. You are seeing life’s challenges less as tribulations and more as opportunities for growth and personal development. The new moon on the 11th is a fresh start that emboldens you to charge ahead through spring. You value staying true to yourself above all else and you yield the best results when you are following that truth, even if it ruffles a few feathers on those who are more into putting on airs for the sake of convenience. Venus squares Pluto, and hidden matters of the heart can make themselves known in intriguing ways.

Taurus: This week a trine between Saturn and the moon boosts your practical decision making ability. You are more equipped to break things down into a step-by-step plan and cross bridges when you get to them, this can do wonders for any anxiety you may be experiencing. There is no sense fretting over “what if” or “maybe.” Your ruling Venus squares Pluto this week and you feel a need to change things up and do something out of the ordinary for yourself. Your connection to your subconscious becomes more apparent, and you are meeting a new part of yourself in small ways all the time. 

Gemini: Your social sector lights up this week and you may be receiving extra attention and invites from people. The new moon in Aries this week inspires you to start fresh and revamp how you approach your social interactions. You want to be more straightforward with people and speak your mind instead of sugar coating things. You feel that you have been doing yourself a disservice lately by telling too many white lies, being blunt while still maintaining your charm is the true test.

Cancer: The trine this week helps you to prioritize your mental organization skills. Lately it feels like more and more people have expectations of you or have come to rely on you, so make sure you still hold space for yourself first! The new moon in Aries on the 11th is a clean slate in regards to your intimate relationships; it’s an ideal time to choose to forgive or forget, let go of old resentments and give others a chance, or to assess the damage and decide that perhaps it is time to move on. This month some people are unexpectedly getting closer to you, while others seem to move farther away.  

Leo: This week your thoughts and feelings may be a little scattered as your mind and your heart just aren’t operating in the material plane. There is a focus on your spiritual and emotional life, and April is a month of soul searching for you. Mars in harmony with your sign keeps your energy level up and the new moon in Aries on the 11th is an ideal time to start fresh and recenter your intentions. A change of pace and learning something new can be particularly rewarding at this time. 

Virgo: This week you take an ambitious approach to your relationships. You want to take your energy and pour it into things that feel the most worthwhile. Showing people that you care is one of your favorite pastimes, and that can certainly shine through at this time. It’s an ideal current that carries you closer to people you wish to know more about. The new moon in Aries on the 11th is a fresh start in regards to more practical affairs like work and life balance or financial inquiries. Spend some time at the drawing board if you can.

Libra: This week there is powerful energy highlighting all things love, romance, and art in your solar chart. Your ruling planet Venus trines transformative Pluto and gives you a renewed enthusiasm for sharing what is in your heart. It is an ideal time to start new creative endeavors or get to know potential or current partners on a deeper and more profound level. Start by asking a thought provoking question and see where it goes.

Scorpio: This week your ruling planet Pluto trines with Venus, the planet of love. You are feeling prideful and optimistic in your romantic affairs and people can see the warmth in your eyes that you often try to conceal. There is great potential for transformation when you are willing to be vulnerable. Have a little faith and don’t be afraid to look a bit silly. Avoid hanging on to negative experiences from the past if you can, as resentment will hold you back in surprising ways. 

Sagittarius: This week your aura is radiant and attractive to those around you. Fiery Mars is in your relationship sector for the rest of the month and can boost your confidence and magnetism. There can be breakthroughs in relationships, work, and creative endeavors at this time. The new moon in Aries on the 11th can give you a renewed perspective in regards to your self-expression, and you may be experimenting with new ways to express your wants, needs, and boundaries more clearly. 

Capricorn: This week you feel motivated to build up your sense of confidence and well being. You seek to get a routine in order and tidy up your life in general. The boost of take charge energy comes in part from the new moon in Aries on the 11th. There is also a lunar trine occurring with your ruling planet Saturn this week that centers your emotional world, reaching out to an old friend or trusted confidant could be exactly what you need at the moment, even if the energy seems difficult to summon at first.

Aquarius: This week highlights your communications sector. You may find yourself engaged in healthy debates if you’re lucky or heated arguments if you are not. Be aware of any impatience you may be experiencing. Conflict can be a good thing and can be productive and constructive, but it can also be a disaster depending on how it is navigated by both parties. Mars in harmony with your sign gives you a boost of motivation and confidence. If there is something you have been putting off, you may finally feel ready to get it started.

Pisces: You are focusing a good portion of your energy on your home life and your alone time, although this week you may be feeling sort of restless and antsy in a way that is hard to pinpoint. Mars’ influence on your solar chart can cause difficulty sleeping or shortened attention spans. Take it easy on yourself and go at your own pace. You are your own worst critic, and no one is looking as hard as you are. The new moon in Aries on the 11th is a fresh start in regards to a work or money matter.