Horoscopes: April 2 – 8, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The sun and Mercury meeting in your first house on the 3rd put the focus on your values. You wish to convey your beliefs and intentions through clear and concise words and actions. You wish to show that you are unwavering and loyal. You want to connect socially in honest and present-minded ways. This week, there is purpose and reason behind all that you are doing, and you seek deeper meaning from the things you see in the world around you. Inspiration and ideas spark in the last quarter of the moon’s cycle, you have a lot to think about until the moon begins to wax again.

Taurus: Mercury in Aries adds an edge to your attention to detail. You have a new understanding of a situation or problem and you may be feeling more cut and dry about how you choose to express yourself. Keeping it up front and simple works best for you this week even if it feels a little embarrassing at times. You just have to trust in and see the best in people. A true friend will work with you on things without the judgement. 

Gemini: Your ruling planet in fiery Aries inspires you to be more outgoing and courageous this week in your social sector. Speaking your mind can pay off big time right now. Your boldness inspires change in those around you, and the whole mood can shift to something lighter when you least expect it. There is a stirring of ideas, passions, and motivation within your heart and mind this week. Relationships are becoming more profound and reliable. You are building upon a foundation of trust and respect instead of shallow commonalities. 

Cancer: The moon waning in your opposite sign of Capricorn from the 3rd through the 5th has you thinking more practically in terms of work and finance. You may be feeling more reserved with your time and money this week, spending less, and saying “no” more. There is an emphasis on responsibility and sensibility at this time. Mercury enters Aries at the start of the weekend. Pay special attention to your words, as there may be a tendency to be harsher than usual with those close to you. Ask yourself how necessary that really is. 

Leo: Last week’s full moon gave you tremendous insight into your intimate relationships and your relationship with yourself. This week the waters seem smooth and calm, there is a peaceful reflection on what you have gathered. You may be ready to make a commitment of some kind this week as you feel that you have settled on a choice with great certainty. The moon waning in dutiful Capricorn creates a low and grounded energy that feels like a deep inhale of fortifying breath. 

Virgo: Conversations feel difficult this week, and Aries in Mercury can create a somewhat tense environment this week. On the bright side, this may point out the areas where your communication style needs some work. Subtlety has not always been your strong point, and perhaps a little nuance goes a long way in helping you to avoid stepping on anybody’s toes any further. The moon in fellow earth sign of Capricorn over the weekend sharpens your sense of responsibility and personal accountability. 

Libra: After last week’s full moon in your sign brought about intense personal revelation. You feel a need for a peaceful retreat to reflect on all that you have just witnessed. It’s important to do what feels best for you, to follow your own advice, and to validate your own intuition. Mirroring the behaviors of others or waiting around for their approval will leave you stranded in more ways than one. Take initiative and forge your own path. This week’s theme is independence. You are awake!

Scorpio: You are motivated to work extra hard this week, and you are so dedicated to a vision or an idea that the borders between you and that idea can become a little hazy. You have a tendency to be quite an “all or nothing” type of person. It can be both a strength and a detriment. Do your best to walk that line gracefully and save something for yourself. Your emotions run high with Aries shifting into Mercury at the start of the week. Romance and intrigue have the potential to heat up and make you blush, and as we know, making a Scoprio blush is not always the easiest feat to accomplish. 

Sagittarius: It is a very natural thing to need others, Sagittarius. We are evolved to be this way. Mercury in Aries highlights your need for connection, teamwork, and communication. No one truly accomplishes anything by being 100% alone. Pour some extra energy into catching up with friends and having important conversations. Your responsibility to yourself is also a responsibility to others and vice versa. This week your goals are met through sharing, don’t be shy asking for help, or a second opinion. 

Capricorn: The moon waning in your sign over the weekend and into Monday creates a good energy to build a foundation of preparedness in matters concerning home and finances. You are quietly getting your affairs in order so that you can enjoy yourself in a more carefree manner later. You are slowly and steadily winning the race. Mercury in Aries for the next few weeks gradually brings you out of your social hibernation, and your sense of humor has never been more on point. Get out there and charm them!

Aquarius: After last week’s full moon you are feeling more realized and self aware. You are approaching your personal relationships with greater care and clearer intentions these days. Mercury in Aries for the next few weeks highlights the joy found in honesty and transparency in your social life. Through this you are feeling seen and validated by those you interact with, and you no longer wish to hide behind any affectations or ironies. You lead with earnestness and vulnerability, and eventually it will be appreciated and returned to you tenfold. 

Pisces: Mercury’s shift into fiery Aries can point out areas in your social interactions where you let others steer the conversation completely instead of taking turns. Sure, we all know that you are a wonderful listener, but if you leave every conversation feeling unheard, one must wonder what the point was in the first place. Practice being a little more assertive in the mirror if you have to. The moon in your sign on the 8th can help to bring this idea full circle. You have valuable things to say.

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