Lawrence Wenograd (Larry)

October 25, 1938 - February 2, 2021

Larry was born in Philadelphia and lived there all his life. He was a graduate of Temple University and was a member of the U.S. Coast Guard reserves. He taught business courses at South Philadelphia High School for 25 years.

Larry was a world traveler and saw more of it than most people would have in three lifetimes. He was not happy unless he had another future trip planned. He would have been a great contestant on Jeopardy with his knowledge of world geography.

Larry was a good cook and was known all over the city for his famous dinner parties. While guests were at the table eating their dessert, he was planning the next dinner. 631 Spruce Street was known for Larry’s dinners and festive parties.

He lost his partner of many years, Sterling Smith (Smitty) in 1988. He is survived by his caring husband Armindo Nassimento, formerly of Madeira, Portugal, and his devoted dog Dino.

In lieu of the pandemic there is no memorial service planned at this time, but friends are asked to take a few moments to reflect on Larry’s friendship, kindness, and generosity.