Horoscopes: Feb. 5 – 11, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Sometimes your impatience is just your core desire to take initiative. This week feels like it is not passing by fast enough, and many of your goals are a little further ahead in the future and can not be fully realized yet. The moon waning in your opposite house midweek brings the subconscious closer to the surface. The new moon at the start of the next weekend will be just the clean slate you have been waiting (impatiently) for.

Taurus: Your stubbornness is a building block for a will of steel. The last quarter moon occurring in Libra inspires you to make a present minded and deliberate choice. You are making more effort everyday to involve yourself in relationships that align with your principles, and you are looking to build with those around you. The new moon on the 11th clears your head and you feel more confident taking things step by step. You can’t cross a bridge you haven’t arrived at yet; don’t stress yourself out trying to prepare for the imaginary.

Gemini: This week, your wit and adaptability is what gets you out of a tricky situation. The more you figure out what it means to just be yourself, the more you skate seamlessly through your days with a confident and mysterious charm. The moon is waning into a new phase and so there can be a somewhat diminishing energy leading up to the weekend where you feel like you did your job and just need a break. Oh, and put down your phone for a minute!

Cancer: This week is all about conserving your energy in preparation for the new moon on the 11th. You may be favoring gentle activities at this time and you may not have much interest or motivation in work or difficult conversations. You feel like you just recently went through a spell of having a lot of those tough convos and your spirit is in a retiring mood for the time being. In quiet contemplation, you simplify and deconstruct the topics that interest you. There is ample canvas space within the new moon for you to paint your picture. 

Leo: This week, as the moon wanes and goes into newness and shadow, it becomes less about discovering yourself and more about being the person you have always wished to be; you make the rules and you decide what you share with others. Your intentions set the tone for the following lunar cycle more than anything else, so set them well and set them from the heart and you will not fail. Your loyalty earns you what you have been seeking. 

Virgo: You have been working diligently through a storm. Your reserve and conscientiousness lets those around you rest assured, but how can you provide that same sensation for yourself? This week as the moon fades into its newness on the 11th you find a retreat within the self. You can experience a little peace and quiet even on a crowded street if you shift your perspective. Prioritize rest and regeneration this week, and next week you can start again, fresh.

Libra: Your sociable nature makes for a wide array of friends in many different areas of life. This may come in handy this week if you need someone to talk to or to call in a favor. The moon wanes in your sign midweek and perhaps so does your energy along with it. Not to fear, as this is the natural cycle of such things and you have been on overdrive in the past two weeks. The new moon on the 11th is your chance to unplug and slow down. Who is really getting anything big accomplished during Mercury retrograde anyway? 

Scorpio: Sometimes it feels like the things you dream of at night or imagine during the day seem to come into being in this realm, and maybe that is true. Someone or something has set your heart ablaze in a new, yet familiar way. It’s the passion you were born with. The moon waning in your sign on Thursday and Friday is a time of deep reflection on your innermost desires, those things you hide because they make you feel too vulnerable. By the new moon on the 11th you will have your answer, and you might even speak it aloud.

Sagittarius: As we approach the new moon in your sign this week that culminates on the 11th, you may feel that you are receding into yourself. In a place of stillness you will find not silence but instead the almost imperceptible sound of the machine that is your mind, gently humming, generating thoughts and energy for you. Your natural state is optimism. You move towards freedom and you follow the sun. Let yourself be and follow your intuition. Getting caught up in a math equation is something someone else wanted you to do.

Capricorn: Your tenacity and prudence are carrying you across an ocean. This week, as the moon fades into its newness culminating on the 11th, you are set adrift on memories, and you need to decide what will be remembered and what will be forgotten. This is a time of letting go of what no longer serves us and celebrating what does. This week brings a much needed simplicity and clarity. Next week you start fresh with renewed perspective. Things seem to have been left off in a good place.

Aquarius: You are ready to admit something to yourself that has been brewing for some time now. This is a period of reflection, and your detached and objective way of looking at things turns inward towards your own hopes, thoughts, and ideals, as well as what truly motivates you. Your introspection may distract you from some of the more practical affairs of the week, but those close to you are probably used to your whims by now. Write things down if you have to.

Pisces:  You are both so strong and so impressionable this week, absorbing the elements that surround you. The moon wanes, and with it goes our inhibitions. You may find something someone says in passing oddly relevant or meaningful to you. A song may stick with you, or a sign on the road may feel like poetry. The new moon on the 11th makes you stop and think about where you’ve been during this lunar cycle and where you would like to go next.

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