Vote for the world you want, but also the world you have


Joe Biden will change the country for the better. We know this from his work in the Senate, as Vice President, and as the Democratic nominee for President. We know this from his demonstrated empathy and intelligence, from his policy positions, and from his actions. He has been a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community, and as President he will help put an end to the 4-year reversal of our rights under the Trump administration.

Joe Biden will bring us a better world, and that’s a good reason to vote for him.

But Joe Biden will also fight for the world we already have. He appreciates the diversity of this country and understands that a coalition of people from different backgrounds and life experiences is what is necessary to ensure fairness and equality for all. He does not deride those who disagree with him. He would never refuse to help a voter who did not vote for him. He understands that there is not one singular American. We thrive as communities, as states, and as a country because we all bring different perspectives and different experiences.

Joe Biden wants to preserve all the vibrant and diverse LGBTQ communities around the country. He wants our families to thrive. He wants our marriages and our children to be legally protected. He wants us to be able to use public services without fear of discrimination. He wants us to feel completely comfortable in the places we live and not worry whether we can be kicked out because of who we are. And he wants those protections for all cities, counties, and states, including and especially the ones that don’t currently have them.

Joe Biden wants you to be who you want to be, because that’s what this country is all about. That’s what this country was founded on. He understands that more than anyone, now more than ever.

We will always have room to grow in this country. Once one push for equality ends, another begins. That’s the nature of hope and change. That’s the nature of democracy.

Joe Biden doesn’t want us to return to a world when we can be arrested or fired because of who we love. He doesn’t want us to return to a world when we couldn’t marry and couldn’t have families of our own. He doesn’t want us to return to a world when we were forced to choose between being ourselves or being safe from harm.

Joe Biden wants us to take all the good we have now and use it to create even more good in the future. He understands who we are, and he understands where we need to go, step by step by step. And he wants to help us get there. 

Now it’s on us to make sure we help him.