Horoscopes: June 17-23, 2020

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: You are seeking something this week that may be hard for you to articulate. Maybe it’s clarity, or comfort, or both? There seems to be a missing piece to the equation. The new moon in Cancer on the 20th shows you that the less you seek the more you find. The energy is inward and contemplative throughout the following two days due to this rather quieting transit. The sun entering Leo on the 22nd begins a month of fiery outgoing energy, so the brooding wont last long. There is bound to be honesty and visibility as well as difficult, yet productive conversations to be had in the following four weeks of Leo season.

Taurus: The new moon in Cancer on the 20th may bring up some tender emotions and old resentments that are in need of airing out and processing. A good cry never hurts anyone; attempts to bottle things up are consistently futile and not sustainable. The sun enters Leo on the 22nd and you feel ready to “put yourself out there” on a creative or professional endeavor. Your ideas may be well received by others in the next four weeks. You have a tendency to hide your best tricks up your sleeve for years, but what are you saving them for?

Gemini: The new moon in Cancer on the 20th urges you to acknowledge your true desires and to take charge of your resources and connections. You set intentions this week that feel less like wishes and more like a concrete plan. The sun enters Leo on the 22nd and breathes warmth and life back into your sometimes soggy spirits. Through this 4-week period in Leo, your confidence is boosted and your vision for the furniture becomes clearer. This may also inspire you to rush to the finish line in some regards, so take caution not to get too ahead of yourself. The process has many nuanced phases.

Cancer: Cancer season closes out this week with a beautiful parting gift for you, the new moon in your sign. The second new moon in Cancer this year on the 20th brings a feeling of clarity and a fresh start. A quiet moment spent in reflection can show you parts of yourself yet to be truly acknowledged. There is an air of self acceptance and hope in this transit. The 22nd rings in the beginning of Leo season and things start to shake up. Your social sector is highlighted and you find yourself coming out of your proverbial shell more and more in the next four weeks, emboldened by the fiery energy of Leo and inspired by your newly uncovered ambition.

Leo: The new moon in Cancer closes out Cancer season with a moment of quiet reflection and contemplation. Your goals and intentions begin to come into focus through this transit. It’s a quick climb to the top in 48 hours as the 22nd kicks off your birthday season! Energy runs high and you feel a spark has been ignited both creatively and, in some cases, romantically. Beware not to get too wrapped up in the excitement. It is very possible to overexert or overextend yourself within the next four weeks, as you will be wanting to say “yes” to everything under the sun. Be sure to ask yourself why that may be the case; the reason may be telling on a fundamental level.

Virgo:  The new moon in Cancer on the 20th is a day of release, there are some feelings you have been clinging tightly to that no longer serve you. At times like this, change can be easier than you think. It starts out small but blossoms into much more than you could have imagined. The sun enters Leo on the 22nd and it heats up your creativity and curiosity. Your interest in social and romantic endeavors is renewed throughout the next four weeks as well, whereas your previous outlook on these areas was rather pessimistic and maybe even grim.  A revival of the vital self is what you might call it. 

Libra: It may be especially tempting to placate and people please in the following weeks. The Sun moving into Leo on the 22nd has people paying a lot of attention to you and taking an interest in what you are up to, and this is great. As a Libra you are always in the business of playing to your audience with a keen intuition on such matters, but it can also veer you off of your own course in favor of making others happy. Try your best to find the balance between your goals and your pop sensibility! 

Scorpio: The new moon in Cancer seems to strike you at your center. It takes strength to dream and to hope, and you feel inspired to set your goals a little higher. This is further complemented by the sun moving into Leo on the 22nd. Your ambitious, adventurous side shines through in the coming weeks and you are also feeling more open and generous with your time, energy and ideas. You are feeling less secretive than usual, and there may be some things you are just tired of hiding. Lurking in the shadows loses some of its appeal, at least for now, anyway. The attention is deserved, and when you speak, it may resonate with someone deeply.

Sagittarius: The new moon in Cancer on the 20th increases your bravery and your forward momentum. On the 22nd the sun enters Leo for the next four weeks and you are ready to take any challenges head on. Professional and home life are improving and changing, and new relationships are on the horizon that may help you to learn and grow. This month your spiritual sector is highlighted and you are seeking a deeper meaning and a more profound connection with your higher power.

Capricorn: The new moon occurring in your opposite sign of Cancer on the 20th creates an introspective mood and a quiet place of reflection. Your focus is less on daily life and more on intimate relationships and your inner emotional landscape. The sun entering fiery Leo on the 22nd inspires you to “clean house,” ridding your life of old reservations and resentments that have been holding you back. There is an emphasis on mental and emotional health and well-being especially during this 4-week solar cycle.

Aquarius: You arrive at a place of stillness and reflection as the new moon in Cancer occurs on the 20th. Intuition is highlighted throughout this transit and it can be used to your advantage by retreating and meditating in your own unique way. Goal setting and idea sharing are particularly gratifying endeavors this month as the sun enters Leo on the 22nd and stays with us for the next four weeks, providing a warm, open, generous energy to us. Honest connections move to the forefront and motives become transparent. You may be getting noticed for your creative efforts in the coming weeks as well.

Pisces: Your best attributes have an opportunity to shine through as we close out the month of July. The new moon in Cancer highlights your empathic nature and you may be feeling a lot of big feelings. The following 48 hours might involve some heavy but productive emotional processing. A friend may be coming to you for support or advice and it happens to be your strong suit. The sun enters Leo on the 22nd and your heart takes the lead in your life. What you want and don’t want are becoming more apparent with each passing day. In your romantic pursuits especially, you feel some things have been holding you back, but you are ready for a change.

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