Aries:  Mars, your ruling planet, is now in Aries, and this is kind of a big deal in the astrology world. This is a reawakening for you and the rest of the world as well. This is also the transit that begins the much mythologized Age of Aquarius. As we say goodbye to the Age of Pisces we also say goodbye to a lot of constructs of shame, guilt and the restrictive structures that belong to outdated schools of thought. The Aquarian age is about to do away with ego for those willing to heed the call. As an Aries, making your own path out of new and hot ideas happen to be your forte, so I think you will fit right in. Energy may run high until you adjust to the vibes, so keep your impulsivity and impatience in check.

Taurus: With Mars now firmly in Aries, the planet of action and momentum really shines in the spotlight. This moves us into a long process of dismantling what holds us back. Towards something completely new and radically different. The Aquarian age is upon us, and we focus more on community over individualism. Saturn’s conjunction with Pluto has set this into motion as well, with revelations both public and personal occurring frequently. These transits are long term and it may take some time for the big picture to come into focus. Be brave and have faith. Check your ego at the door.

Gemini:  This week you are tuned into practical matters and feel the need to get down to business. Mars, the planet of energy, expression and action, moves into its home in the sign of Aries and stays there all year. This motivates you and brings you fully into reality. However it can also stir up trouble in the form of impatience and impulsivity. The full moon in Capricorn on the 5th brings an intensity to the forces that drive you and focuses your intentions on the very core of your being. The mood this week is a centrifugal force: move or be moved. What is your truth?

Cancer: Could your birthday season be any more intense? Yes. Things continue to heat up this week. The Full moon/lunar eclipse occurring in your opposite sign of Capricorn on the 5th is a balancing perspective, fusing the emotional and material world together in an enlightening unity. This, paired with Mars in Aries, which signals the arrival of the Aquarian age, has arrived to help us examine concepts like ego, accountability, and community. There is a deep, tectonic energy shift occurring through these transits, and while it sounds like a dramatic prophecy, it couldn’t be more the opposite. It is a vibe of freedom, connection and action over guilt.

Leo:  While the last few weeks were spent in a deep notalgia thanks to Venus retrograde, we find the best content here this week, moving forward in the present, and we can also spend a great deal of time imagining a more ideal future. Mars, the planet of action and confidence, enters its home sign of Aries, where we shed the guilt, the “coulds, shoulds, and woulds”, and we are left with fact, matter and motivation. Beware of this stoking the flames of your more impulsive side, but harness this energy towards a bigger picture that reaches beyond just your personal sphere.

Virgo:  This week your mind thrives when it is busy with practical affairs. Mars moves into its home territory of Aries where it makes a year-long stay. This placement is all about energy, action and dedication. The things you are naturally best at come heavily into play. Helping others and learning from others is highlighted through this transit as well. The full moon/lunar eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th emphasizes this energy. Obstacles appear smaller than they previously looked to you.

Libra:  Mars in Aries asks you to move deliberately and with intent. This placement emphasizes motivation and precision. You must have willingness to follow through with your desire, and to be the change you wish to see in the world. This week with the full moon/lunar eclipse in Capricorn setting the precedent, you may find yourself ready to talk the talk as well as walk the walk. This could be some new ground to cover for some Libras out there, who mostly enjoy the talking part exclusively. There are old routines and outdated beliefs that you no longer feel align with your values. This is the time for reevaluation and renovation. Lights, camera, action.

Scorpio:  Mars in Aries integrates what the mind, heart and body want. In this Aquarian age we do away with the old ways that held us back. Guilt, shame and sacrifice are not where your strength comes from. The full moon/lunar eclipse occurring in Capricorn on the 5th complements this energy by focusing on practical efforts, resources and community outreach. These transits have long lasting effects and the energy provided by them is optimized by team work and peer engagement. Dream it and do it. Doubt is useless. We are moving from belief into knowledge.

Sagittarius:  Mars in Aries is urging you to be more assertive. There are things you have been holding back on, there are illusions you have. Perhaps you think you deserve to feel stuck in an unsatisfactory situation. Mars in Aries is a placement that motivates and brings you into the present. Obstacles appear smaller and goals appear closer through this transit. Personal desires become clearer and your words become more precise and stern as this occurs in your communication sector. Directness pays off these days. 

Capricorn:  In the previous weeks your energy has been hard to regulate. This week anxiety meets some soothing certainty. With Mars making its long term stay in its home turf of Aries, energy has more purpose and practicality now. This is further complemented by the full moon/lunar eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th. Your confidence increases and it becomes easier to stay on task. Perhaps you can now look towards the future with a little less dread and a little more hope. Guilt no longer motivates you. You are paying more attention to details and there are many things you are ready to put behind you as the past truly becomes just that: the past.

Aquarius:  This is what astrologers call the Aquarian age! As we move from the former Piscean age of “belief” and into the Aquarian age of “knowledge”, it becomes more clear what we as individuals and as a group, collectively, require. In this transit, complemented by the direct energy of Mars in Aries, we dismantle old oppressive beliefs, detach from ego, and reevaluate the ways in which things have long been done. The energy is direct and a step by step plan emerges for you. This is an intense time, but also a time of great learning and connection for a modern minded Aquarius such as yourself.

Pisces: You are taking on a personal matter head on this week. Mars in Aries highlights directness and assertiveness, your usual sugar-coated approach seems to go out the window and perhaps it is for the best. Your confidence builds, but beware, because your patience may be fading at the same time. The full moon/lunar eclipse in Capricorn helps you visualize and form a plan towards a practical goal you have surrounding domestic or financial affairs. You are learning the difference between hesitation and deliberation. A sense of completion in some areas is on the horizon.