Aries:  We are now entirely into the Venus retrograde period. Re-examining issues from the past, especially romantic relationships, is likely at this time. New approaches to friendships and love that seem unorthodox or “new age” may be more appealing to you. Going forward, we learn more and more that there are no rules as to how a relationship should look. Open communication, honesty with yourself and others and even bluntness are particularly freeing, as Venus retrograde can inspire us to chat aimlessly and sugarcoat our feelings in quite deceptive ways. Financial pursuits should be put on the back burner, if possible, until Venus goes direct at the end of June.

Taurus:  A hands-off approach works best this week. Whatever the problem, leave it be and see if it resolves itself. With your ruler, Venus, in retrograde, things can appear more urgent than they are, and you may be compelled to go into total control-freak mode. This cycle occurs primarily in your astrological second house of values, beliefs and finances. You will be especially productive rethinking your budget, assessing your personal code of conduct and letting go of old reservations.

Gemini:  Beware! You may be feeling extra indulgent this week. Venus retrograde, occurring primarily in your third house, can have you trying to comfort yourself with spending or frivolous interaction — which is not always a bad thing. But this cycle, it’s easy to overboard. Former lovers or friends may reach out to you in some way. While there be a lesson had in the experience, it could also just be a mess. It’s up to you to make that call. Hold off on major decisions until Venus goes station on June 25, especially in the love and money departments, where this retrograde hits us the hardest.

Cancer:  Venus retrograde’s second week occurs in your privacy sector. You may be feeling shy and reserved; you may feel that you are tripping over your own words. Withdrawing and contemplating are de rigueur this season. Past loves seem to replay vividly in your mind. People we haven’t heard from in ages may reach out to us unexpectedly. Use caution so as not to succumb to the traps of bitterness or nostalgia.

Leo:  This week, and lasting until the end of June, Venus retrograde makes the road a little rocky. It is best to put off major decisions involving career, romance and finances. Platonic relationships are favorable to romantic ones at this time, as this retrograde occurs in your solar 11th house — the house of friendships, groups and associations, reassessment and experimentation. Put off major purchases or signing any contracts until Venus goes direct. Lay low as much as possible, as emotions run hot or cold at random.

Virgo: This Venus retrograde occurs in your reputation sector, making now a time when you or your character can be easily misread. It may be hard to come off how you want to, and you may be rubbing people the wrong way despite your best efforts. This isn’t as horrible as it sounds. Venus retrograde teaches us to act with intention and tact, try new approaches and slow our roll. As with any Venus retrograde, big purchases and romantic commitments should be avoided at this time, if possible.

Libra:  Your ruling planet of Venus enters its second week of retrograde, where it stays until the end of June. Feelings from the past may resurface; people from the past may reach out to you. Relationships that have been giving you a hard time lately are likely to end during this period. You may deal with a drastic change that feels scary, but you might also feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders. As any decent astrologer will tell you, Venus retrograde is not an ideal time for big-ticket purchases or romantic commitments. 

Scorpio: This Venus retrograde, which will be with us until June 25, is all about values. We are rethinking what we want, who we are and how we show that to the world. We may also be compelled to confront or resolve relationship issues from our pasts. We may be remembering things that we had nearly forgotten about. Nostalgia may soften you; bitterness may turn you to ice. Beware of old resentments of others that can have you wanting to lash out. There is a lot of rehashing and resurfacing during this period, and it could be rough on your tender Scorpio heart. Take care, tread gently, and most importantly, let go.

Sagittarius:  Ah, yes, Venus retrograde: ghosts from the past, relationship complications, urges to shop frivolously. Quite a ghastly affair for such a free spirit as yourself, dear Sagittarius. You don’t like to dwell or to feel fettered by obligations. During this time, you must take things day by day. Looking too far ahead clouds your judgment. Saying yes to anything serious right now is ill-advised. This period will last until June 25, so take it easy if you can. Reevaluate jobs, relationships and living situations, but don’t take action. Just reflect.

Capricorn:  All through the month of May, the theme for you has been self-awareness. This continues as we enter the second week of Venus retrograde. In this transit, we reflect on past relationships. Old friends and lovers may reach out to you, and it’s time to reevaluate what is most important to you in matters of the heart and soul. What truly makes you happy?  It won’t be a pretty sight, but it will be a learning experience. Use caution when you feel tempted to make big-ticket purchases, sign contracts or make romantic commitments. Now is not the best time to be making deals.

Aquarius:  Retrograde season is in full effect, dear Aquarius. With Saturn retrograde in your solar first house in conjunction with Venus retrograde, you may be feeling as if you are moving backward through time. Reflecting on the past, feeling the urge to contact exes and looking at your highschool bully’s Instagram are all likely courses of action. Resist the desire to completely succumb to the nostalgia or the resentment of such things. Since Venus is a money planet, it is also advisable to watch your wallet. Spending during Venus retrograde is a slippery slope.

Pisces:  The weekend has the moon in your sign all through Saturday and Sunday, which always affects you on an emotional and psychic level, as you are such an intuitive water sign. You may be feeling withdrawn and a bit broody. The big news from now until June 25 is Venus retrograde. Beware of texts from exes, the sudden urge to make eccentric and expensive purchases and getting lost in the labyrinth of memories. Reflect, reevaluate what you want out of relationships and shift your lifestyle to be more in line with your values. The planets are revealing a pattern for you.