By this point, you are most likely either confused, frustrated, annoyed, angry, worried or all of the above. You’re not alone; we are all in this together.  Many have compared this to 9/11, or even the Korean and Vietnam wars. For those of us in the LGBT community, it’s more like the outbreak of HIV/AIDS.

The first we heard about it was in whispers, then we waited for the government to react…. It didn’t until many of us had died.  That is exactly what is happening today. The only difference is that most didn’t care with AIDS — after all, it was only those nasty gay men who were getting it.  While most can’t say that today since everyone is at risk for this, pastors around the nation are still blaming the LGBT community for this new virus. 

We can’t change any of that.  What we can do is take a lesson from our very own history and share that with the general public.  What did we do? When the government didn’t respond to our health emergency, we fought back by creating our own safety net in our communities — from sharing information to drug trials.  We delivered food and fought government regulations. We even took to the streets and most notably Act-Up held street theatre and disruptions. 

My offer to you is one way to fight back from this ineptitude from this president.  If he wishes to give misinformation every night and attempt to put himself in the spotlight, I say give him what he wants and let him own his own incompetence: #Trumpvirus.