Aries: Saturday and Sunday, the Scorpio moon brings harmony with your ruling planet of Mars. Personal insights and problem-solving can be highlighted during that 48-hour period. However, Monday and Tuesday will see the moon entering your reputation sector, so beware of following your tensions and anxieties down the rabbit hole — you could get stuck! Throughout the week, a Mars-Mercury interaction occurring in Aries increases your ambitions, and all through April, this energy is directing you toward figuring out what you truly desire in relationships, career and lifestyle. Things that no longer suit you will simply see themselves out the door.

Taurus: This is a time of quiet reflection for you, Taurus. Venus, your ruling planet, enters its pre-retrograde shadow period on the 9th and goes fully retrograde on the 13th. This means that in the upcoming weeks — until June 25 — you will be rethinking what you place value on in your life. Something may reveal itself to be holding you back or building you up in ways that you hadn’t expected. Physically speaking, you may feel particularly low energy, but you make up for it in meaningful talks and deep meditations. Don’t rush yourself or try to motivate yourself with guilt.

Gemini:  Your home planet of Mercury enters Aries on the 11th. Ideas come to you more quickly, and you may become extra opinionated during this time, Mercury in Aries ignites our decisiveness and confidence in fantastic ways, but it can also put us on a high horse or make us unnecessarily defensive, so proceed with caution. At this time, your mind may also be reflecting on the past in a quiet and dreamy nostalgia that feels both pleasant and melancholic, thanks to Venus going retrograde. Beware of viewing old loves through rose-tinted glasses.

Cancer: The Jupiter-Pluto transit this month urges you to explore your emotional needs, boundaries, and the things that make you feel most empowered. This, accompanied by Venus going retrograde on the 13th, can provide clarity with long-standing issues like grudges, relationships that left a bad taste in your mouth, or pinings for things that no longer serve you. You may find it easier to “get over” things or people that used to hold you back.

Leo:  A Jupiter-Pluto transit that lasts until November is giving your life a makeover. You are prepared to admit long-suppressed truths to yourself. You are ready to reset your habits, and you want to embrace your strengths instead of focusing on your weaknesses. All that excitement aside, romantic relationships may feel a bit tense or frustrating during this time since Venus retrograde begins on the 13th and stays with us until the end of June. Don’t fret because ultimately, you decide how to direct that energy, and it could lead to some breakthroughs and honest dialogues.

Virgo: Your ruling planet Mercury enters Aries on the 11th,  and it has a lot to teach you about yourself and how you communicate with others. Directness gets you results; defensiveness does not. Your attention turns inward, and you may be feeling more pensive and withdrawn in the following weeks. This is a time of rest and regeneration for you. Haste may lead to regrets during this period, so don’t rush the process. Intense emotions are bubbling just beneath the surface. Don’t be afraid of them.

Libra:  You have a gracious sense of duty to those around you, but make sure to save some for yourself. Your ruling planet Venus goes retrograde on the 13th and begins a month-long process that one might liken to pulling weeds from a garden. You may find yourself reflecting on matters from the past. Old loves are likely to send you a text during a Venus retrograde. It is up to you whether or not to rekindle old flames or let them fade away. This is also a time when we may be examining current relationships more closely and seeing if they are still a fit for us. A good playlist will be your best companion.

Scorpio:  The moon in your sign on Friday has you feeling like yourself — your intense, brooding self. Mars is at the bottom of your chart this month, also awakening a lot of deep-rooted emotions and bringing your attention to your closest relationships with a curatorial vibe. Intimacy, ambition and value are the big players during this cycle. Venus goes retrograde on the 13th and lasts until the end of June, which can have you navigating a labyrinth of memories. Since others will be feeling this as well, don’t be shocked if people from your past suddenly reach out to you. Will you kiss and make up or kick them to the curb?

Sagittarius:  The moon will be in your sign on Saturday and Sunday, and you will be chomping at the bit to see the fruits of your most recent efforts. A Jupiter-Pluto transit has big changes coming your way but unfortunately, the results will not magically appear within 1 to 2 business days; these are long-term plans that have been put into motion. Jupiter and Pluto are both “big picture” planets. By the end of this cycle in November, your time and dedication pays off even better than you had dreamed, but it all starts now.

Capricorn:  There is a major Jupiter-Pluto transit this month, and it just so happens to occur in your sun sign. It has a far-reaching effect that you will be seeing until November. The transformative power of this aspect draws your attention inward toward what makes you feel most fulfilled and independent. This is the time to set the wheels in motion, get projects off the ground and start bouncing ideas off of trusted advisors in your circle. Equal parts imagination and motivation cut a path for you.

Aquarius:  With Mars in your sign all month, you feel both empowered and antsy. Venus retrograde in Gemini helps smooth your mood out a bit as it asks you to take a seat and reflect on matters of the heart — your artistic endeavors and your pursuit of joy. It is an opportune time for spiritual growth, awakening and healing that last well into June. This week finishes out with the moon in your sign, and your imagination blooms. Setting aside time for a deep conversation or a journaling session could feel particularly fulfilling.

Pisces:  The big news this month is the Jupiter-Pluto transit. It occurs for you in the community and companionship sector of your solar chart. During this time, it is easier to build relationships, organize group projects and redirect your professional path. This transit’s influence will last until November, so it’s ok to start out small. Venus goes retrograde in Aries starting on the 13th through late June. This can signal a sort of return to forgotten passions of your earlier self —  things like old music and movies you used to love or old creative projects you feel inspired to pick back up again. It is a nostalgic time for you, Pisces, and a good way to reflect on how far you have come while looking at where you came from with love, understanding and appreciation.