Despite hardships, we will deliver your news

As you read this, I will have passed my 14th day in self-quarantine. Oh, I’m fine. But I am a senior and have asthma, so out of precaution, and as the person who pulls all the strings together for this newspaper, I thought it a good idea to take no chances. 

Speaking of newspapers, they are a lifeline during a crisis such as COVID-19, as they were during the early AIDS crisis, as I wrote last week. For the LGBTQ community, gay newspapers tell stories that mainstream publications don’t. But the reality is also hard-hitting. Newspapers, which already were going through troubled waters, are being hit hard since their major source of revenue is advertising, and with few people roaming around, merchants have little to sell and aren’t advertising as much.  We in LGBT media might fare a little better in this, but time will tell.

What I can tell you is that I was on a phone conference call with about 11 other LGBT publishers last week, and they, like me, all said that no matter what the situation becomes, they intend to keep publishing. Everyone on that call feels an obligation and responsibility to get the news and information about our community to our community. You’ve always expected to receive up-to-date, relevant information from us … and you will get it.