2020: The stakes have never been higher

We’ve survived three years of this administration, but it has done damage to both the country’s reputation and our community.  And if you feel that way, 2020 is your year to correct that path.

This New Year’s, you have reason to celebrate because it is the year of resistance, and you are a part of that resistance. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to a demonstration, posted on social media or protested any of the hate-filled actions of Donald Trump’s tenure. None of that counts, but your action this year is how you can make it count.

Let’s take a phrase that many Republicans and right-wingers like to use and turn it on them: 2020 is the year we take our country back and, to make it clear, back to inclusivity and appreciating diversity. And most importantly, let’s bring back our sanity and accountability.

Now, here’s where you come in. You only need to do one thing to make 2020 a stellar year.


And let’s be even clearer: Since many Republicans have been part of this country’s debauchery and have blocked any attempt at accountability, there is only one way that can change. You need to vote Democrat not only for the presidential election — which is incredibly important this year — but also in both the Senate and House races.

So there is no confusion, the election I’m referring to is the November election, not the primaries. The situation we are in now happened because few people came out to vote. If you want to be part of the resistance, or just want a solution to this madness, make voting in the 2020 General Election your New Year’s resolution. That will make it a great 2020.