What’s your opinion of the presidency of George H.W. Bush?

Patrick Cummings
graphic designer | Germantown
“He was just a one-term president. His presidency didn’t have much of an impact. How much can you accomplish in four years? He promised not to raise taxes but he reneged on that promise. I don’t hold that against him, because that’s what politicians do. But it obviously didn’t help him get reelected.”

Rebekah Femia
property manager | Pennsport
"He managed to navigate difficult internation-al conflicts with skill. But I didn’t care for his domestic policies. I was furious when he nominated Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. The hearings set a dangerous precedent that allowed Brett Kavanaugh to get confirmed."

Mary Mulligan
cook | Germantown
“I don’t think his presidency was as bad as his son’s. I’ll give him that much. But I didn’t agree with most of his policies. His foreign policies were too imperialistic for me to agree with. He also did nothing to help with the AIDS crisis. He missed a real opportunity to help save lives that were lost in the epidemic.”