Would you vote for a candidate that accepted money from the NRA?


Imtiaz Alam
teacher | Gayborhood
"No. Gun violence is very prevalent in society. The NRA isn’t helping to prevent deaths from gun violence. Therefore, I’d never vote for anyone who has anything to do with the NRA. The NRA has a lot of power. I’d like to see the NRA use their power for good."

James Mooney
bartender | Media
“No, never. I want the elimination of guns in society. NRA leaders are nothing but manipulative fear-mongers. They’re power hungry. And we need to stop them. Any candidate that takes their money wouldn’t get my vote.”

Maya Pirulli
student | South Philadelphia
"No. I don’t like the NRA. I can’t vote for a candidate that takes NRA money because I’m against what the NRA stands for. I just wish we had appropriate gun-control laws in America."

Francis Young
store manager | South Philadelphia
"No. I’m a firm opponent of people having access to automatic weapons and military-grade weapons. The NRA supports access to those weapons. So I couldn’t vote for a candidate that received money from the NRA."