Should Amazon be headquartered in Philadelphia, despite a lack of statewide LGBT protections?


Chris Bey
home-health aide | South Philadelphia
"Yes. It will bring much-needed revenue to the state. The money could soften the burden experienced by members of the LGBT community in Pennsyl-vania. It won’t give people everything they want, but it can bring some comfort. At least we’ll get more money into the state."

Paul Jackson
university professor | Gayborhood
“Yes, but only if they work to establish LGBT rights statewide. Because of all the resources Amazon has at their disposal, they can be very influential with state lawmakers. Let’s hope they read this and do it!”

Sunny McCarthy
student | Center City
"I’m an avid supporter of LGBT rights. But I’d like to see Amazon have a headquarters here. They should come here and be a staunch ally. They could create incentives for their workers to also reside in Philly. That might spur neighboring towns into action and advocate for LGBT rights."

Tyler Pendzik
student | South Philadelphia
"Yes. We desperately need more jobs here. I know it’s important to have a statewide LGBT civil-rights bill. But why single out Amazon? They already have progressive nondiscrimination policies for the LGBT community. It shouldn’t be an issue for them [to deal with]."