LGBT-friendly senior apartments receive AED donation


An LGBT-friendly senior apartment complex received a heartfelt donation Wednesday from a local city club.

John C. Anderson Apartments, a complex for low-income LGBT residents, was given an Automatic External Defibrillator. These small, portable devices can automatically diagnose life-threatening cardiac situations and provide electrical shock to stop heart arrhythmia and re-establish an effective rhythm.

The AED was officially installed in the lobby Feb. 14. It is stored in an alarmed protective case near the lobby elevators for easy and rapid access to residents in need.

The gift was awarded by the Mayfield Social Club, which operates Voyeur Nightclub in the Gayborhood.

“We were actually a little surprised to learn that the Anderson Apartments didn’t already have an AED. These residents were the first ‘out’ generation. It’s thanks to them that the LGBTQ community has made the achievements we have,” said Mayfield Social Club President Bill Kuehn.

Kuehn said he saw a social-media post about residents looking to raise funds to buy an AED, and representatives from the club decided to help.

“They deserve not only nice housing, but the peace of mind knowing that life-saving medical assistance is close at hand and Mayfield is happy to provide that. It’s one of those things you don’t ever want to use but if you need it, you’re thankful it’s there,” said Kuehn.

Individuals can use them with little to no knowledge of the device by following the step-by-step voice-guided directions.

Residents of the apartment complex plan to organize CPR-training classes in the future to help support the use of the new life-saving technology.

“They were able to make this happen for us and I think they deserve a great thanks from us. Some people just step up and do the right thing,” said Dawn Munro, a resident of the Anderson Apartments.

The Mayfield Social Club works to give back to the community. Within the past year, several bikes were purchased for the Sixth Police District, according to J Nathan Bazzel, a club spokesperson. This district includes the Gayborhood. Additionally, the club has donated to Washington Square West Civic Association, Philadelphia FIGHT and other organizations.