Should the pope issue a formal apology for the Catholic church’s treatment of LGBT people?

Livi Barry
barista | Kensington
“Absolutely. He seems more open than past popes. I don’t think it would be a long shot for him to apologize to the LGBT community. I think it would mean a lot to people, even outside of the church. And it wouldn’t cost a dime!”

Toya Brown
carpenter | North Philadelphia
“Yes, I think that would be fine. I don’t judge the LGBT community. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. If a person wants to be comfortable, let them be comfortable with the partner of their choice. Nobody should be treated by the church as an abomination.”

Claire Gibson
nanny | Gayborhood
“Yes. If that’s what the people in the community want and need, then I would support that. I don’t see how an apology could be a negative thing. It’s not far-fetched, because the pope has shown support for the LGBT community in the past.”

Matthew Wolfson
chiropractor | Roxborough
“As a Jewish person, having a pope that I respect is an unprecedented and amazing thing. Pope Francis is trying really hard to catch up on righting a lot of wrongs the Catholic Church has committed over hundreds of years. So yes, I would expect an apology.”

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