Should the Boy Scouts be allowed to reoccupy their Center City headquarters?


Shaquille Brown
marketing specialist | Northeast Philadelphia
"No. Until they make memberships available for everyone, including atheists, they shouldn’t be back in the city building. Atheists are taxpayers and citizens just like everyone else. They shouldn’t be discriminated against."

Monica Chambers
student | Center City
"Yes, let them come back in. Give them credit for what they’ve done. Maybe someday they’ll let atheists be Scouts. They should keep moving forward in letting people in. They’re on the right path."

Leah Purdy
horticulturalist | Richmond, Va.
"I think the Scouts have shown a lot of real progress. They’re moving in the right direction, so let them back in. They’re not 100-percent [perfect]. As an atheist, I’m concerned about their exclusion of atheists but cut them some slack. They’ve shown some progress. Maybe more progress will come."

Evan Tracy
musician | Rittenhouse Square
"Yes. They’ve made enough [membership] changes to be in sync with the city’s nondiscrim-ination policies. I don’t like that they don’t let atheists be Scouts; however, I also support their freedom of religion."