Should the LGBT community be doing more to support animal rights?


Ilana Bergher
chef | Gayborhood
"Yes. As an ally, I think it would be great for the community to be inclusive of other causes, including animal rights. Minorities should be thoughtful of other minorities, especially those who can’t speak for themselves."

John Green
painter | Gayborhood
"Yes. Animals have just as many rights as we do. I have a cat. She’s my baby; I’ve had her for 13 years. He name is Ma-Ma. I’ll fight tooth and nail to protect her."

Ali Swanson
midwife | Bethel, Vt.
"Animal rights are always important, but right now, all of us are under siege in this Trump era. We have to pick and choose our battles and re-fight battles we already thought we won. Animal rights just aren’t a top priority right now."

Debbie Williams
home-care aide | Southwest Philadelphia
"No, we have to fight for ourselves. We have our work cut out for ourselves under Trump. Let Trump do more for the animals. He’s the one with the power. He’s taking care of other countries. Let him take care of us and our animals."