Out fitness trainer stars in ‘Work Out New York’

Out celebrity fitness trainer Courtney Paul is helping people stay in star-quality shape on Bravo’s new reality series “Work Out New York.”


On the show, Paul, through his CPXperience — a specially branded fitness program — assists New Yorkers to become healthier, faster and stronger, motivating his clients to push far beyond their physical limits.

We’ve been told that the series bears absolutely no relation to Bravo’s “Work Out” series that starred fitness guru Jackie Warner.

“Jackie Warner was the boss on that show,” Paul said. “This is not considered an expanded franchise of that show.”

Paul suggested that New Yorkers are more serious about their fitness goals than residents of other cities.

“New Yorkers make working out a priority,” he said. “It’s pretty much a lifestyle.”

Paul seems to be a natural pick for the cast of “Work Out New York,” as he is one of Manhattan’s most sought-after trainers, regularly appearing at New York sports clubs like David Barton Gym and Barry’s Bootcamp, where he is a master instructor and has a roster of celebrity clients including Katie Holmes, Dylan McDermott, Elizabeth Olson, Tara Lipinski and Alan Cumming.

With the holidays in full swing and people soon to be vowing to get in shape for their New Year’s resolutions, Paul has one simple guideline to help you get through with minimal damage to your fitness: “Stay away from the sugars and the carbs.”

“I know that may not be possible all the time,” Paul added.

(Yeah, who are you telling? We’re screwed.)

To that end Paul also likes to offer his clients fitness vacations, workout retreats to exotic destinations where their days start with his signature workout followed by travel adventures and, of course, rest.

I know. Cha-ching! But if you can afford to live in Manhattan and hire a personal trainer, footing the bill for boot camp in paradise is probably a drop or two in the bucket. Must be nice.

“When you take a fitness vacation, there’s no need to come home feeling like you need to go on a diet because you ate too much,” he said. “And why worry about having that extra drink at dinner? You know I’ll make you sweat it out in the morning.”

Yeah, thanks. But we’re going to just hold on to our Planet Fitness membership and copy what we see on the show.

“Work Out New York” airs Sundays at 9:30 p.m. on Bravo. For more information about Courtney Paul, visit www.cpxperience.com.