Trans youth-services program hits 1-year anniversary

A comprehensive trans-specific health-care program at the Mazzoni Center is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

Since its inception in January 2014, the Pediatric and Adolescent Comprehensive Transgender Services has provided a group of specially trained medical and mental-health professionals to provide care to both young trans individuals and families.

PACTS also helps guide clients through the transitioning process.

PACTS began as somewhat of an informal initiative at Mazzoni. The organization has been working with trans and gender non-conforming patients for about a decade and, over the past year-and-a-half, saw demand spike for trans-specific services. In response, the organization formalized the program last year.

In just one year, Mazzoni went from seeing 17 pediatric trans patients to about 100.

And clients have been getting younger and younger, said Mazzoni case-management supervisor Kate Gormley.

“We are seeing 8-, 9- and 10-year-olds now in addition to youth in their teens,” Gormley said.

The program connects clients with services such as attorneys, therapists, social workers, medical services and social opportunities.

Those social events have also led to an increase in family participation.

“We are seeing a lot of family involvement in the programs now,” Gormley said. “Both the youth and their families love the social events we organize, which helps them build a sense of community.”

The youth have even taken on more of a leadership role within the program.

“I like to say that the program is Mazzoni-forged and youth-led,” Gormley said. “They are really invested in growing this group, and they have taken it upon themselves to help plan the social events.”

Gormley said she hopes therapists and social-services providers throughout the area will continue to partner with Mazzoni.

“We have been and will continue to train and work with therapists and service providers in the region,” she said. “We want to expand our solid referral network that’s currently in place.”

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