Is it OK for children’s cartoons to feature same-sex kisses?


Andrew Bowman
web-content manager | London, England
"Yes. Homosexual-ity is a fact of life. True, it’s less common than heterosexual-ity, but just showing something in a cartoon is fine. You’re not forcing an opinion or a point of view on anyone. If the cartoon is proselytizing, that would be different."

Daniel Smith
student | Lansdale
"Yes. But if parents get involved, let’s hope their reaction is reasonable. The parent should just explain to the child that sometimes two ladies or two gentlemen want to be closer than simple friends. Leave it at that. Don’t go into details, and don’t pass judgment."

Stephen Pera
student | Northeast Philadelphia
"Yes. The kid probably has seen parents kiss. So they’re development-ally ready to see a same-sex kiss. The earlier you start making it a normal practice, the better. It shouldn’t be presented as something weird or odd. It’s just two people kissing. If someone has a problem with it, that’s discrimination and we shouldn’t cave into that."

Jordan Stein
bartender | Gayborhood
"Yes, of course. It’s 2014. Let’s get with the program. There’s violence, sexual innuendoes and drug innuendoes in children’s cartoons. Why should it matter if you show two boys kissing? Better for the child to see it now, rather than when they’re 15 and totally confused."