Rob McCord

Lt. Gov.
Mike Stack

Shaughnessy Naughton (Eighth Dist.)
Daylin Leach (13th Dist.)

State Senate
Christine Tartaglione (Second Dist.)
Brian Gralnick (Fourth Dist.)

State House
Kevin Boyle (172nd Dist.)
Mike O’Brien (175th Dist.)
James Clay (179th Dist.)
James Roebuck (188th Dist.)
Vanessa Lowery Brown (190th Dist.)
Pamela DeLissio (194th Dist.)
Mark Cohen (202nd Dist.)
Brian Sims (182nd Dist.) and Mike Fleck (82st Dist.) * Neither candidate has a primary opponent, but both are out LGBT leaders and merit our endorsement.

City Council
Ed Neilson

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