Locals sound off on the SCOTUS rulings

“It is a huge victory and something we have been fighting for, for a long, long time. We are not 100-percent there, but this is a big step for full marriage equality across the nation. Prior to this ruling, I would not be able to sponsor my husband [for citizenship], so this should effectively open that pathway for us to have federal benefits.” — Brian Andersen

“It’s an understanding of our Constitution that is inclusive and one that I think goes to what our founding parents were envisioning when they drafted these documents. I am just thrilled. It is an enormous day for history — for our nation, not just for our community.” — The Hon. Ann Butchart

“Today is a monumental day in the history of our community, where our highest court has ruled that our families have the same rights as any other to happiness and protection under the law. Now we must build on this momentum to continue our human-rights movement for full equality and justice for all members of our community here in Pennsylvania and across the nation.” — Sherrie Cohen

“It is one of those days where you remember 10 years from now where you were when the decision came down. It is the beginning of the end of discrimination and will allow the LGBT community to live in a society where we are equal citizens.” — Angela Giampolo, Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia chair

“This is a powerful day for the LGBT community. It lets us realize that we are citizens who are equally cared for and equally protected under the U.S. Constitution.” — The Rev. Jeffrey Jordan, Metropolitan Community Church of Philadelphia

“This is the first time the Supreme Court has recognized that our relationships are equal, our lives are the same. It is incredibly momentous, but unfortunately in Pennsylvania, it means we have a lot of work left to do.” — Ted Martin, Equality Pennsylvania executive director

“The fact that we were given the strong victory 5-4 decision from the court striking down DOMA is enormous, that federal benefits can now be given to married couples in states that have marriage equality. With Prop. 8, it’s a step forward in that California will have marriage equality soon when the final rulings are put in place. Pennsylvania has a long way to go towards equality.” — David Moore, Marriage Equality for Pennsylvania founder

“It’s a watershed decision in the DOMA case because the court is recognizing that our relationships have validity and should be recognized at the federal level in those states that have protections.” — David Rosenblum, Mazzoni Center legal director

“It is probably one of the biggest turning points of our generation to have two landmark decisions for LGBT equality. This is the time we have to be fighting and winning and right now these rulings give us so much momentum to move our movement so much further.” — Adrian Shanker, Equality Pennsylvania president

“I think I can comfortably say that today is the single most important day in LGBT civil-rights legally, perhaps in history. I would put the Stonewall riots at the top, but today in our rights, this is the most important decision the court has made.” — PA Rep. Brian Sims (D-182nd Dist.)

—Compiled by Angela Thomas