Creep of the Week: American Family Association


Well, it’s June, which means it’s officially Gay Pride Month. And I do mean official. President Obama declared it himself, which I think is a pretty important endorsement.

Not only is June time to come out of the closet, it’s time to haul out all of your rainbow paraphernalia. Hang that flag from your porch. Slap that colorful cowboy decal on your window. Bust out the “I’m not gay but my boyfriend is” T-shirt or the one that says “Chapstick lesbian.” Put that rainbow dog collar on your beagle and walk him on his rainbow leash. If you’re really serious, pin a pink triangle to your lapel.

The goal is to make yourself as conspicuous as possible so that you can lure children and young adults over to the gay dark side. All under the guise of showing your pride.

Needless to say, antigay groups like the American Family Association are none too pleased with June being Pride Month, and they’re especially pissed about Obama’s official declaration (though he’s not the first president to have done so).

Because to the AFA, LGBT Americans are nothing more than orgy-seeking sex addicts and are therefore not deserving of any civil rights, let alone Obama’s Pride Proclamation.

And no wonder they’re pissed. Just look at how the proclamation begins: “The story of America’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community is the story of our fathers and sons, our mothers and daughters, and our friends and neighbors who continue the task of making our country a more perfect Union.”

My gosh, the way Obama talks about it, it’s as if he’d been talking about real people who actually contribute something to the country. Imagine that.

Obama continues, “It is a story about the struggle to realize the great American promise that all people can live with dignity and fairness under the law. Each June, we commemorate the courageous individuals who have fought to achieve this promise for LGBT Americans, and we rededicate ourselves to the pursuit of equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

This, of course, is not something the AFA will let stand.

Enter the AFA’s Ed Vitagliano and Buster Wilson to set the record straight.

Instead of “normalizing” homosexuality, something they claim Obama is doing, they believe it’s important to keep marginalizing it as much as possible. Keeps gay people self-hating and meek.

Vitagliano explained what’s at stake in a world where gay people are treated like fellow citizens deserving of rights: “We’re talking about a return to pagan sexuality, a pagan view of sexuality that says that it doesn’t matter with whom you have sex and that God’s laws do not apply to us and there are no absolutes when it comes to sex.”

Wow. Does this guy know every gay person here or what? With how sex-crazed they are, it was only a matter of time before someone figured out the Big Gay Pagans plan. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Wilson then mentions the 30th anniversary of the AIDS epidemic, which Obama also mentions in his proclamation, and says he doesn’t want to be criticized for saying that AIDS is a gay disease right before saying essentially that very thing.

Vitagliano concurs and says that AIDS is a result of “the abuse of the body and the flouting of God’s laws about human sexuality.”

They also piss on marriage equality and the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and say that America’s decreasing discrimination against and oppression of homosexuals is evidence that the country is turning its back on God.

But don’t get them wrong. “We don’t support discrimination against anyone. We don’t want anyone harmed or bullied,” Wilson says. “God loves everyone.”

That’s right. The AFA, which calls itself “The Culture War Machine,” means gays no harm. They just think gays are AIDS-infected sex addicts out to destroy the military, marriage and God. And it’s not discrimination if God is telling them to do it.

D’Anne Witkowski has been gay for pay since 2003. She’s a freelance writer and poet (believe it!). When she’s not taking on the creeps of the world, she reviews rock ’n’ roll shows in Detroit with her twin sister.