Creep of the Week: Gary Cass

With Proposition 8 being overturned in California, some folks are a little pissed. And the fact that Vaughn R. Walker, the judge who ruled that it’s not cool to deny gay and lesbian folks the right to marry, is, in fact, a homo himself hasn’t been lost on the antigay right.

In an Aug. 5 diatribe on the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission website, Gary Cass explains that the only reason the Prop. 8 case went in favor of homos is because Walker is a big ol’ fag.

“Let’s not be shocked that Judge Walker cannot comprehend the self-evident rational basis for prohibiting homosexual marriage, after all, he is a practicing homosexual,” wrote Cass. “The Bible plainly tells us that once a person has seared his conscience to such an extent that he can exchange his natural sexual relationship with the opposite sex for homosexuality, his ability to reason becomes utterly compromised.”

So because Walker is gay, his mind is essentially diseased. He’s a mental cripple, if you will. Not to mention a total perv-o with no conscience. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason he couldn’t “comprehend the self-evident rational basis” against “homosexual marriage” was because he was watching Barbra Streisand movies on his iPhone during the trial.

To Cass, Walker is the ultimate example of an “activist judge.”

“Openly rebellious sinners who live in hostility to the laws of nature and nature’s God will attempt to impose their tyrannical, arbitrary standards on us,” Cass writes.

Got that? If you are in favor of letting same-sex couples get married, then you’re a “rebellious sinner” with “tyrannical, arbitrary standards.” Never mind that Walker’s decision is based firmly in the rule of law and that one of the lawyers arguing the case against Prop. 8 was Ted Olson, George W. Bush’s solicitor general, for goodness sake. And that homo Walker? Also a Bush appointee.

Of course, logic and reason go out the window when you believe same-sex marriage is a harbinger of complete, total godless sexual mayhem.

“Scripture and history tells what’s next,” Cass writes. “Sexual anarchists have already announced what’s next; polygamy, group marriage, incest and intergenerational sex (or statutory rape as we now define it). They won’t rest until, like in Sodom, they can surround your house and demand you offer up your children to be abused.”

Wait, what?! Gays are supposed to form mobs, roaming neighborhoods and nabbing children to have sex with? Um, I’d like to speak to the head of the Gay Agenda Committee because, when I look at my summer to-do list, I see, “Power-wash deck, clean out garage, organize basement.” I don’t have time for any Sodom and Gomorrah shit.

Of course, there is no Gay Agenda Committee because the Gay Agenda, as folks like Cass know it, doesn’t really exist. What does exist is “The Homosexual Manifesto,” published in a gay newsletter in 1987 as satire, albeit poorly written, that is now held up as a blueprint for the gay-rights movement by those opposed to equality. It begins, “We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity … ” Oh, please.

But to Cass, “The Homosexual Manifesto” is practically gospel, since it upholds everything he hates about homos.

“This example of the twisted mind of a homosexual activist will break your heart,” Cass writes. “Though written satirically, it reveals the dark soul of a person whose conscience is corrupted by a voracious hatred and consumed with an insatiable lust.”

Call me crazy, but claiming that the overturning of Prop. 8 will lead to the forced homosexual gang-banging of children — that sounds like the work of a “conscience … corrupted by a voracious hatred and consumed with an insatiable lust.”

D’Anne Witkowski is a Detroit-based freelance writer.