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Creator of longest-running study on LGBTQ families discusses new findings

Thirty-two years ago, Dr. Nanette Gartrell launched a project to follow the first wave of lesbian families created through donor insemination. Now, her National...

An alphabet of Pride

Pride Month is 30 days long, but the energy and inspiration we gain from it can last all year. Here, then, are some of...

Reflections on a 25th anniversary

My spouse Helen and I recently celebrated our 25th anniversary (though our time as legal spouses is obviously shorter). Reaching a quarter-century together —...

Two new books show two ways to include LGBT characters

Two new books, one for middle grades and one for young adults, show two different ways of incorporating LGBT characters and themes into a...

Fighting for children against religious-exemption laws

As a growing number of states allow child-welfare agencies to discriminate against LGBT parents and LGBT youth in care, a new campaign is fighting...

Children’s book with gay librarian breaks ground

One recent children’s book has incorporated LGBTQ content so unassumingly that you may have missed it. The latest board book in...

2017: A good-news, bad -news year for LGBT families

Was 2017 a good year for LGBT parents and our children? The political situation in the U.S. was grim, but we also saw progress...

Gift Guide to 2017 Books for LGBTQ Families 

This year saw a terrific crop of books for and about LGBTQ families. Here are some of my favorites. Children’s books...

A very queer Halloween

  Halloween is almost here — which, for many of us, means trips to the store to purchase overpriced costumes or hours spent sewing...

Showcasing the images and experiences of people with LGBTQ parents

Award-winning photographer Gabriela Herman knew that for her new book, “The Kids: The Children of LGBTQ Parents in the USA,” “the images would be...

Parenting in the wake of Charlottesville

As a child, there were two things I thought were unfathomable and absolutely morally wrong: nuclear war and Nazis. To see both in...

New guide offers advice for and from LGBT parents

As an LGBTQ parent, I sometimes feel like I’ve had to make things up as I go along. But “Pride and Joy: A Guide...

LGBTQ Parents: Resistance, Persistence and Pride

This wasn’t the Pride Month I was looking forward to. I hoped we would be celebrating gains built on marriage equality, not battling to...

Two new middle-grade books share the fun of large, queer families

  Queer parents often wonder what their children will call them, but the Lotterys have it figured out. There’s MaxiMum (from Jamaica), CardaMom (of...

Love and science: How science has helped LGBTQ families 

Last week, the March for Science in Washington, D.C., and hundreds of other global locations encouraged science that “upholds the common good” and allows...

New adoption restrictions spark need for public outrage

An increasing number of states are risking harm to children in foster care by allowing discrimination against LGBT people and others who wish to...

Warmth for the winter

February, despite being the shortest month, is often a hard one. Where I live, any day might be a snow day, with my son...

‘Gender Revolution’ film blends stories, science 

For J. R. Ford, father of a 5-year-old transgender girl, appearing in the upcoming National Geographic documentary “Gender Revolution: A Journey” with Katie Couric...

Hope for the rebellion: A 2016 LGBTQ Parenting Year in Review

“Rogue One,” the latest movie in the “Star Wars” franchise, opened last week. Without leaking any spoilers, trailers have revealed a key line as...

Picking up the shards

I made a cake Nov. 8 to celebrate what I thought would be Hillary Clinton’s election. For decoration, I melted sugar into sheets and...



Horoscopes: March 5 – 11, 2021

Aries: Your ruling planet Mars is in Gemini for the next few weeks, and you are ready to start something new and engage in...

Why raising the minimum wage matters