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Family Portraits: Jeff Antsen

The motto of the University of Pennsylvania is “Leges sine moribus vanae,” which translates to “Laws without morals are useless.” Thus, it’s probably a...

Family Portraits: Brian Sanders

Create: to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes. ...

Family Portraits: Andre van Heerden

Remember when you were young and your parents asked, “If your friends all jumped off a bridge would you do that too?” Well, in...

Family Portraits: Robbie Tronco

Ever since he could remember, music has been in Robbie Tronco’s life. Raised by a single mother who loved Motown, Tronco...

Family Portraits: Dwight Anthony Bailey

Batter up! It’s time for the eighth annual Gay Community Night at the Phillies, a night for us to show our pride and have...

Family Portraits: Ryan Suits

Ryan Suits is a soft-spoken man with a quirky sense of humor. A mixed-media filmmaker, Suits has been doing innovative 3-D...

Family Portraits: Angela Bibey

There’s a cute little gay bar hidden off Rittenhouse Square. Formerly the Post, the current Stir, 1705 Chancellor St., is run by business partners Stacey...

Family Portraits: David Devan

OK, I’ll come right out and state that I’m not a big opera fan, but I recently saw the Opera Company of Philadelphia production...

Family Portraits: Chuck Volz

“I don’t know how we’d do the festival without him. He’s the logistics guy. I take care of the entertainment and the parade and...

Family Portraits: Tiona McClodden

In her feature-length documentary “black./womyn.: conversations with lesbians of African descent,” Tiona McClodden — Ms. m. — interviews black gay women from various backgrounds...

Family Portraits: Jimmy DePre

Jimmy DePre is 23 going on the ’50s, ’60s and up. The young DePre is a mixmaster who specializes in music that was created before...

Family Portrait: Shane Michael Duncan

Shane Michael Duncan has a movie-star name and a personality to match. I spoke to Mr. Fierce for a moment after SundayOUT!, where I found...

Family Portraits: Robin Durand

In 1991, Sally Jesse Raphael broke the mold with her program theme “Breaking the Stereotype: Lesbians Who Don’t Look Like Lesbians.” This was way...

Family Portraits: Tyler Vaughn

Our recent record-breaking snowfalls must have really made Tyler Vaughn feel at home. A native of Buffalo, N.Y., Vaughn has been through a few rough...

Family Portraits: bex*

At a mere 26 years of age, bex* has managed to rack up quite a résumé. A graphic artist, filmmaker, photographer and clothing designer, bex*...

Family Portraits: Stephen Glassman

Many of you know, or have heard of, Stephen Glassman. As the chair of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, he has been a staunch defender...

Family Portraits: Tommy Femia

We all know the term “Friend of Dorothy” (if you don’t, shame on you. Learn your gay history!), but this week’s interview isn’t just a...

Family Portraits: Junnie Cross

She’s what some might call an Air Force brat, but with a winning smile and an open attitude, Junnie Cross could hardly be considered...

Family Portraits: Louis Ortiz

OK, I admit that I have made people cry (à la Barbara Walters) during the course of these interviews, but this week was a...

Family Portraits: Brian Strachan

Brian Strachan wears many hats. And they’re sometimes big pink ones atop towering wigs. He fills his daytime hours as a teacher, inspiring the next...