Horoscopes: May 31-June 6, 2024

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: Mercury, the mind planet, aligns with its home sign of Gemini starting on June 3. The next few weeks are a reminder of what is great about getting out of your comfort zone and breaking away from routine from time to time. Feed your inner adventurer with new information and new experiences. Keep restlessness at bay by scheduling short trips and time with friends. Ask meaningful questions. The new moon (also in Gemini) on June 6 shows you what you feel has been holding you back from personal growth. Perhaps it’s time to let go or move on in some way.

Taurus: Mercury in Gemini kicks off the first week of June until the 17th and you realize that while sometimes your stubborn streak serves you well, this is not the case 100% of the time. Curiosity, flexibility and a willingness to change course can sometimes be the answer to a long-standing conundrum. The new moon, which is also in Gemini on June 6, is a time of mental restlessness that reminds you that it’s important to present yourself with new concepts that challenge you. Pluto retrograde has been continuing in the background for some time. Relationships are often more than just two people but also have social, historical, societal and psychological contexts that create unique pleasures and unique challenges. It can be important to keep that in mind.

Gemini: No shortage of action for Gemini and your ruling planet, Mercury, this week. On the 31st, Mercury conjuncts Uranus, which inspires us to challenge authority and to challenge ourselves by defying expectations. The new moon in your sign on June 6 can highlight your bored, restless mind. This need to feel stimulated might drive you to gossip or stir up trouble, but perhaps what you really need is to find better, more honest modes of expression. Lastly, Mercury aligns with your sign June 3-17. During this time, useful information comes your way and your mind is sharp and active. It’s a great time to forge ahead in social and professional realms. Input from others can be particularly enlightening. Honesty and curiosity showcases your natural charms and abilities.

Cancer: Now is not the time to compare yourself to others as Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini June 3-17. In your privacy sector, this planetary happening inspires a bit of a monastic cloistering of sorts. You need some solitude to recharge and to get right with yourself. Don’t let FOMO veer you off course. Nine times out of 10, things look better (or more fun) from the outside — not that it’s still not important to get out or make time for friends on occasion. It is. The new moon in Gemini on June 6 points out a stagnant area in your life that needs shaking up. New approaches, transparency and big questions play a crucial role.

Leo: You find yourself learning a lot about the world and about people with different experiences than you. This can be quite a humbling and mind opening period for you as Mercury, the mind planet, is at home in Gemini June 3-17. This is an excellent time to challenge yourself with new ideas and situations. Always having to be the best and to look perfect all the time has been holding you back. The new moon in Gemini on June 6 reminds you to keep communication simple and honest and to choose words wisely. You may have to admit some challenging things to yourself if you wish to enrich your relationships.

Virgo: Your ruling planet, Mercury, aligns in fellow Mercury-ruled sign Gemini June 3-17. Your unique personality, knowledge and skills are what get you ahead in your professional and creative endeavors during this period. You continue to be goal-oriented throughout early and mid June and you find enjoyment in the processes of learning and creating. Your mind can be quite restless when there is nothing to do and while it can be good to stay busy, you might want to examine the source of your need to always be busy so you can eventually relax. The new moon — also in Gemini on June 6 — feels like a blank space. Interesting things happen when there are no obligations or expectations.

Libra: Mercury aligns with the sun and Venus in Gemini June 3-17. You realize you wish to be more present in your interactions with others. Your intentions have been shifting lately in regards to communication and socialization. Perhaps you want to rely less on gossiping or sugar coating things as a way of winning favor. Maybe your goal isn’t even to win the favor of others anymore. This is a time to genuinely exchange words and info and to make clear connections. The new moon in Gemini on June 6 points out where you have been feeling stuck. Challenging yourself to break up the monotony can make you feel capable of more.

Scorpio: Gemini aspects have a way of spicing things up for you. Mercury moves into Gemini June 3-1, when your mind is very active and can generate some interesting new takes. You surprise yourself a few times in early and mid-June as you begin to see yourself or certain situations in a different light. New ideas open up your mind and create new opportunities for you to connect and navigate social interactions. You aren’t in the mood to hide anything about yourself but you also have new empathy and insight for others.The new moon, also in Gemini on June 6, points out areas of your life that need shaking up. Pluto has been on a quietly intense retrograde journey in the background, which could help to explain why others seem to be looking to you for advice on some intense personal matters. You are seen as someone experienced or who won’t judge.

Sagittarius: Mercury moves into Gemini June 3-17, highlighting your partnerships and communication. It becomes increasingly important to make authentic connections in your relationships as you are frustrated and exhausted by anything less. Feeling judged or stifled can have you making an escape plan. You need excitement, stimulation and intrigue from your relationships during this period especially. This is valid but don’t let it make you do anything too rash. The new moon, also in Gemini on June 6, is a good day for “firsts,” breaking cycles, and quitting bad habits. New information that comes your way can be unexpectedly relevant.

Capricorn: Mercury aligns with the sun and Venus in Gemini June 3-17. This marks a period of breaking away from the usual routine and prioritizing socializing and exploring. Your mind is hungry for new experiences. You are more adventurous when it comes to your interactions with others as you are willing to risk your pride a bit more for those authentic exchanges in which you feel seen. The new moon in Gemini on June 6 points out areas in your life that need decluttering.

Aquarius: Mental and emotional energies align as Mercury visits Gemini June 3-17. This fifth house synergy inspires innovative communication, good humor and open mindedness. This is a wonderful time for social engagements, creative projects and deepening relationships via mental connections. The new moon, also in Gemini on June 6, can be a starting over point in romantic relationships.

Pisces: Mercury is at home in Gemini and in alignment with Venus June 3-17. You find that you are easily bored and start to feel boxed in quickly when you are confronted with traditional expectations. Your mind is open and willing to accommodate new ideas as this is what helps you break free. You have a hard time feeling good about sugar coating the truth, especially with family or close friends. Your values are shifting and you care less about the opinions of those who are not close to you. The new moon, also in Gemini on June 6, reminds you to let go of a past resentment, but not to let the cause of it happen again.

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