Horoscopes: April 14 to 20

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week ends your birthday season with a bang on April 20 when a very influential solar eclipse occurs in the final degree of your sun sign. This eclipse is a time to reassess, reaffirm, and revamp your life. You may be looking through your past and seeing what you want to keep and what needs to go. You are making bold moves, and you are in tune with your dreams and desires. You are determined to move forward even if you have a heavy heart about something at this moment. Time makes you stronger. You feel empowered to speak your mind and to put yourself out there. We surprise ourselves as this kicks off a whole season of eclipses and retrogrades that will surprise and challenge us.

Taurus: Mercury continues to occupy your sun sign and has you thinking about the people and the things you need to catch up with. Meanwhile, an impactful solar eclipse on April 20 occurs in your privacy sector. This transit has you thinking about new and improved approaches to your personal life, your life philosophy, and your mental health. Your relationship with yourself and your self awareness are the key fundamentals to improving relationships with others and to the work that you do. As if this wasn’t eventful enough the sun moves into your sign on April 20 as well! It can be hard to deprive yourself of much of anything in the following four weeks (and why should you?), but beware of over-indulging or overspending. With the sun in your sign you are focused on self improvement and are also naturally more magnetic to others. Just as the great bull of heaven, the champion of the love goddess Inana in ancient mesopotamian astrology that is the origin of your sign, you are a beacon of strength, beauty, and loyalty. But you are also stubborn and powerful enough to shake the whole world.

Gemini: This week a powerful solar eclipse at the tail end of Aries season occurs in your social zone and has you re assessing and reinventing the way you make plans with friends, interact with new people, choose your words and make first impressions. You have a gut feeling about what you can do better this time around. New projects and new avenues of expression could be on the horizon in the following weeks and months. Both platonic and romantic relationships take on new perspectives and communications styles. The sun shifts into Taurus and aligns with your ruler Mercury. You feel more reserved yet deliberate with where and how you choose to share your energy.

Cancer: This week we close out Aries season with a pivotal solar eclipse occurring in the last degree of Aries on April 20. This placement will have long term effects over the next two years as we begin a series of eclipses and retrogrades that bring about challenges and changes. This eclipse has you reevaluating your goals and your means of achieving them, and it also challenges your views on work/life balance and how you apply your values to your life. Meanwhile the sun moves into Taurus on the same day and highlights your social sector. You are feeling more confident, charming and outgoing. You feel ready to share what you have been thinking about over the past month.

Leo: This week your ruler, the sun, moves into Taurus and highlights your reputation and career zone, but not before leaving Aries with a solar eclipse in the ram-ruled fire sign’s final degree. This eclipse has you feeling, thinking, and doing things differently regarding your career goals, the impressions you make, and how you interact with the elders and teachers. You may realize that you have been somehow afraid of your own potential or have been hesitant to take a leap towards something bigger or newer for fear of rejection. You may also have to humble yourself and take the experienced advice of someone who has lived life for a longer time or in a different way than you. It can help you exponentially.

Virgo: This week an influential solar eclipse occurs in the last degree of Aries on April 20 and highlights your intimacy zone. We couldn’t leave Aries season with a single quiet moment! This sets a precedent for the next two years and has subtle yet far reaching impacts on how you approach the emotional and physical aspects of your romantic relationships and the ways that you view your inner self when it comes to love, sex, and self image. You may realize what needs work, what has been holding you back, and who you truly want to be. The sun also moves into fellow earth sign Taurus immediately after the eclipse and highlights your ninth house, the house of adventure and learning. It is an ideal time to embark on new journeys, sign up for classes, or do something out of the ordinary. It is a new beginning.

Libra: This week we close out the season of your opposite sign with a bang, as a solar eclipse occurs in the final degree of Aries on April 20. This powerful transit has a long term impact on your relationship sector. Perhaps you have been taking the back seat in your love life and letting others take the lead, which hasn’t been all bad, but now you are on a journey to find out what you truly desire and to be more in control of your destiny. Relationships in general, platonic or romantic, can involve sometimes feeling like “the bad guy” when it comes time to voice boundaries, express concerns, or be transparent about our disinterest in someone. But it’s not “bad” behavior. It may not always be nice but it is more kind. Meanwhile the sun moves into fellow Venus ruled Tarus immediately after and highlights your 8th house, the house of secrets, transformation, taboos, and sexuality. It is a season of personal growth during which much is revealed.

Scorpio: This week we close out fiery Aries season with a little more heat as the sun eclipse in its final degree on April 20 before moving into Taurus. The eclipse occurs in your 6th house, the house of habits and work, and while you shouldn’t make any major decisions during an eclipse, it’s a good time to get your priorities in order and think about what needs work. Perhaps you have been holding yourself back in negative self talk or have lost momentum on a professional or creative goal. The sun in Taurus will highlight your partnership sector. You direct more of your energy towards collaboration. In romance you are feeling more committed and you seek compromise and mindful revolution. Time with friends can be particularly inspiring as well. Group projects flourish over the next four weeks.

Sagittarius: This week we close out Aries season with a bang as a solar eclipse occurs in its final degree on April 20. During a solar eclipse it is wise to exercise caution while also releasing what has been holding you back. Practice being flexible to change. This eclipse will highlight your fifth house (the house of joy, art, and entertainment), over the next 2 years, and you will see that you experience a gradual renewal and child-like wonder around these things in life. Your self expression heals and takes on a new life, and you find new things in the world that bring you joy. After this the sun begins its four week long stay in Taurus where it highlights your routines and daily habits. You’ve been considering setting down a path of consistency and self improvement, and now is the ideal time to start and to hold yourself accountable to ending bad habits.

Capricorn: This week Aries season leaves us with one final surprise in the form of a solar eclipse in its last degree on April 20. A solar eclipse is an exciting time of change but it is also a time where it is advised to tread lightly. This eclipse will have an impact on the next two years and will highlight your home and family sector. You may be reevaluating a living situation or redefining what a family can look like for you and what kind of person you choose to be within that dynamic. Soon after the eclipse the sun moves into fellow earth sign taurus and highlights your romance department, where things have the potential to heat up over the next four weeks.

Aquarius: This week we say a farewell to Aries season and hello to eclipse and retrograde season as a solar eclipse occurs on April 20 and highlights your travel and communication sector. Over the next two years this transit will inspire you to get out into the world in a new and exciting way, to change up your routine, or perhaps even switch careers, learn a new language, or move to a new place. The winds of change are blowing, but don’t get too far ahead of yourself! Immediately following this, the sun moves into Taurus where it will be with us for four weeks highlighting your home and family sector. During this time you may be getting real, smoothing things out with a housemate or family member, looking for ways to feel more stable and comfortable, or volunteering in your community.

Pisces: This week we close out Aries season with one more spicy surprise, a solar eclipse occurring in the last degree of Aries on April 20! This transit will set off a gradual and long term set of changes over the next two years. The eclipse will be highlighting your income, career, self empowerment zone. While it’s not a great idea to make big decisions directly on the day of an eclipse, this cosmic phenomena will inspire you to reignite your passion, discover new talents, and expand your earning potential and professional horizons. Over time a new and more confident person can emerge from within you! Immediately after this the sun begins its four week visit to Taurus season, where it highlights your communication and social department. It’s an ideal time to put on your listening ears and spend quality time with friends exchanging ideas and feelings. You feel busy yet casually engaged in a little bit of everything. You’re more in the mood to go out and have fun.