Too much news, too little time

Photo: Adobe Stock

There’s been way too much news coming out over the last week, and many of us are trying our best to digest and understand all that is happening and what impact it will have. So rather than strain our brains, I thought I’d do a summary of some of the major news items of the last seven days. So here’s my humble offering.

Nashville: Three children and three adults were killed in a school shooting. Major media outlets picked up on the fact that the shooter was a trans masculine individual. Some conservatives used the tragedy to further denigrate the trans community. The focus should be on the shooter’s mental state. Anyone shooting up a school, and there have been many school shootings, is mentally ill. Despite prior warning signs, the shooter was able to obtain military grade weapons. If governments won’t limit guns, then limit ammunition. 

Trump indictment: There is this endless discussion in the media about Trumpers not appreciating the judicial system. STOP!  As with anything related to Trump and his followers, logic or law means nothing and cannot be used as an argument against them. It is a cult, and in their mind Trump is always right and always the victim. You will not change their minds with facts.

Trump’s incitement to riot:  Yes that is exactly what he attempted to do last Tuesday, and it failed. Why? The working men and women who supported his efforts on January 6, 2021 have seen over a thousand of them go to jail, and while some are willing to shout at a distance, they won’t risk arrest and all that goes with it.  Translation, keep prosecuting all political violence to the full extent of the law, and eventually people will understand there are consequences to their actions.

Republican’s rushing to defend Trump: This is a simple one: they’re afraid of the monster they helped create. That might be a good thing, since they’re following their messiah to the same defeat they had in 2020 and 2022. He will lead them to the same losing battle in 2024.

Trump’s 2024 Presidential Campaign: Can a convicted felon run for President? Yes. Can he win? Possibly. But here’s the fun part. If he’s found guilty and sent to jail, but then wins the election, does he have to serve as President from behind bars?

Russia’s War in Ukraine: What the hell is Vladimir Putin thinking? Very simple: survival. There are an estimated 170,000 Russians that have been killed in his war. They have parents and family. How long will Russians want their family members dying?  He has put himself in a position that has literally put his job and life on the line. Only question is how long it will take before he is forced to resign or, more likely, tragically falls out of a window. 

No more weed or sex in Amsterdam: Sex workers in Amsterdam are protesting the new laws restricting tourists from drugs and their services.  Just thought I’d add this in since it’s really a great issue to discuss. It’s a good example of what happens when your tourism campaign is too successful.

The weather: Tornadoes in Philly, non stop rain in California. What is all this strange weather we’re having? If you believe in climate change, then it’s unsurprising (though still might be distressing).

The war against trans people and drag queens: First, the obvious — doesn’t it make you wonder why all those who initiate these laws don’t know the difference between trans people and drag performers? Maybe it’s not that they don’t know, but that they refuse to accept. Regardless, they don’t care what harm they are doing, just like their dear leader Trump.

Disney outsmarted Ron DeSantis: Can’t do this in a short take, so Google it and enjoy.  Basically DeSantis tried to take over the land that Disney sits on, but before he could, Disney signed contracts with the existing board before DeSantis’s new board took over. Thus, DeSantis’s board is powerless over Disney. 

One final thought: please don’t stress yourself too much over current events. You and I can’t change many of the issues of today. What you have control over is your own happiness. While many others will be embroiled in the issues above, take the time to enjoy the life you have.