Horoscopes February 17 to 23

Illustration by Ash Cheshire.

Aries: This week the sun enters Pisces on the 18th and highlights your twelfth house which rules secrets, dreams, and concealed things. During this transit you are taking a break from the rat race of the world and thinking deeply about what really matters to you. You may be focusing more on your mental and emotional well-being, sifting through your mind and seeing what needs to be processed and let go of. Your dreams may be particularly symbolic at this time. In your love life and romance department you feel more lightness.

Taurus: This week the sun enters Pisces on the 18th and highlights your eleventh house, the house of friendships, hopes, and dreams. You have more optimism and energy that helps you work towards your goals over these next four weeks. Help and advice from friends is indispensable so keep an open mind and heart. Teamwork ,cooperation, and community connection are what will inspire you most these days. Your imagination guides you and you feel more comfortable with your less conventional side. You feel more reserved in matters of romance and relationships. 

Gemini: This week you are thinking a lot about “your place” in the world as the sun enters Pisces on the 18th and highlights your reputation and career zone for the next four weeks. You are especially sensitive to how others perceive you at this time, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s always good to act with care for others’ feelings, but don’t people-please too much. You have a lot of practical goals during this time, and you derive a lot of gratification and self esteem for your accomplishments. 

Cancer: This week the sun enters fellow water sign Pisces and highlights your travel, higher learning and philosophy sector. You are feeling more spontaneous and adventurous. You aren’t in the mood to let yourself fret over the small things. You are more willing to accept the randomness of life! During this time you eschew all things shallow and superficial and your thoughts lean towards your core beliefs and values. You seek to be around those who share these values with you.

Leo: This week the sun enters Pisces on the 18th and highlights your eighth house, the house of the unseen, the taboo, sexuality, transformation and other people’s money. Your energy is deep, reflective, and regenerative these days. You are deep in thought as you explore your inner world. Things feel rather serious and you find it is best to focus on one thing at a time. In love you feel sensual, private, and experimental. You may be receiving an unexpected gift or financial boost from someone soon. You’re thinking a lot about self discipline and honing your unique talents. 

Virgo: This week the sun enters your sister sign (opposite sign) of Pisces on the 18th and highlights your seventh house, the partnership sector. You have a special affinity with those who are seemingly your opposites, those with very different personalities, experiences, or perspectives. You learn a lot from connecting in this way. You find you have more in common in an unlikely way. In love and relationships you prioritize romance and quality time. There can be a growing intimacy as affections deepen and enrich your bond. 

Libra: This week on the 18th the sun enters Pisces and highlights your health, wellness and daily life sector. You feel re-invigorated and motivated to get your life organized. You have a new self awareness around certain bad habits that you feel ready to work on. You may be paring down your ventures to simplify and streamline and devote your energy to the things that make the most sense. Your ruling planet Venus highlights your partnership sector and reminds you to set aside time and energy for your close friends and lovers.

Scorpio: This week on the 18th the sun enters fellow water sign Pisces and highlights your fifth house, the house of pleasure, play, amusement, and indulgence. There is a refreshing lightheartedness in the air for you now after some serious soul searching and mind-changing during the previous Aquarius season. It is an ideal time to prioritize creativity, humor, and romance. You are feeling more expressive with your affections and it is more comfortable to receive compliments than usual, it can be a good time to get emotionally closer with loved ones in joyous ways.

Sagittarius: This week on the 18th the sun in Pisces enters your home and family zone. During this solar season you feel like more of a homebody. You get your best work and thinking done when you have a comfortable home base. You’re not as curious about the outside world as you usually are, and you feel as though you have seen enough for now. It is an ideal time to strengthen relationships with family, domestic partners, and close friends. There can be some hard but productive conversations coming up between you and others.

Capricorn: The sun moves into Pisces and your communication sector. You are more social and busy; you buzz with ideas to share with others. It’s important to have people to talk to during this time. You get the best results when you bounce your ideas off of someone first. Investing time and attention with the people in your life should be prioritized. You are curious about life and its possibilities during this solar season. Over the next four weeks you may find yourself investigating interesting new topics, or asking questions that lead you to arrive at new opportunities.

Aquarius: This week as planet of love Venus spends its last ten days in your sign, you feel that it is time to make the most of this creative and romantic wave you have been riding for the last four weeks, as it seemingly culminates in a crescendo. You may be feeling ready to publish or display the creative work you have been making or you may be ready to take a certain relationship to the next level. The sun’s move into Pisces on the 18th reminds you to be generous, flexible, and to read between the lines.

Pisces: Welcome to your solar season, dear Pisces! On the 18th the sun moves into your first house followed by the new moon in your sign as well, creating something of a personal new year. Pisces is one one the oldest symbols in the zodiac appearing as early as 2300 BC in ancient Egyptian art. The two fish depicted swim in eternal opposites of one another, symbolizing the dual and infinite nature of your sign. You’ve been thinking a lot about older versions of yourself and how to reconcile and unify them within your current form. You have been dreaming up new possibilities and using your imagination for healing and understanding. During this time you feel that nothing is static, your mind is flexible and your heart is open. People are drawn to your unique and compassionate energy. You see the best in people as they see the best in you.