Horoscopes: February 10 to 16

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Mercury is in your 11th house, the house of friendship, collectivism, and groups. You are thinking more about how intertwined your destiny is with others. Perhaps nothing is truly a solo endeavor. It’s an ideal time to share ideas, exchange energy, and spend time joining groups, projects, and associations. Your mind is flexible these days so you find it easier to explore new subjects or topics that are outside of your area of experience. Knowledge and information are what gives you an edge, but beware of becoming too edgy. 

Taurus: This week Mercury in Aquarius transits your 10th house. It has you thinking about how your differences are your strengths, particularly in terms of your career or in professional settings. You seek advancement through your ability to stand out in a crowd. You may have a lot going on financially or career-wise. There are many different gears in motion. Your goals are inventive and bigger than usual.

Gemini: Your ruling planet Mercury enters Aquarius on February 11. This is your house of personal philosophy, higher learning and travel. Under the compelling and heady influence of Aqaurius, this transit has you feeling inspired to make waves in the realms of ideology, communication, and your world view. You may be eschewing practical affairs in favor of deep thinking and novel experiences. You seek to expand your mind. It is an ideal time to challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone, but make sure you remember the way back as well.

Cancer: You are in an investigative mood as Mercury in Aquarius transits your 8th house, which rules taboos, secrets, and forbidden knowledge. Aquarius is the sign of change, rebellion, and idealism. You may find these philosophies bolstering one another over the course of the next four weeks. You are challenging old beliefs and old narratives. You may be feeling more open about feelings and ideas that you previously kept hidden. However, beware of delusions of grandeur and paranoia.

Leo: This week Mercury in Aquarius highlights your 7th house, the house of partnerships. During this transit you are thinking a lot about how others are feeling and are trying to decipher the meaning behind their words. You seek to have your interpersonal interactions be as smooth and diplomatic as possible. In romantic relationships you prioritize communication, and there is a lot of “we” and ‘”us” going on.

Virgo: This week your ruler Mercury enters Aquarius and highlights your 6th house, which focuses on routines, wellness, and daily tasks. This alignment feels supportive for your mental energy, thinking. You find pleasure in going about your day and tending to the small stuff in the next four weeks. You might enjoy planning a short trip, helping out a friend, or streamlining your habits. It can be a rather busy time as you agree to more activities than usual. In love you are feeling affectionate and willing to make commitments and compromises.

Libra: This week Mercury in Aquarius highlights your pleasure and entertainment sector. You find the more avant garde side of movies, music and art appealing at this time, and you gain new understanding from the unfettered creativity of others. You may be participating more in your own creative work and originality. You are feeling more bold and unapologetic in your expression. You are also feeling open minded and social these days, more easily getting along with others. Your sense of humor might stir up some trouble in the coming weeks (do with that information what you will). In love you find increased affection and energy through spontaneity and mental connection.

Scorpio: This week you search for your own reliability and consistency, which is something of great value to you. Mercury in Aquarius in your home and family sector inspires you to take the lead or the initiative in your domestic settings. You want to be your own good example. You find joy in taking care of yourself and others, making peace, and bridging gaps in communication. You think about the past and how you might want the future to differ from it. 

Sagittarius: This week your mind is alert and curious as Mercury in Aquarius highlights your 3rd house, which is of learning and information. You feel an increased sense of self awareness and you are more acutely aware of your talents and also of your limitations. You are reflecting deeply on the things in your life that are unique to you and your needs and experiences. You are learning a lot about how to be yourself and how to express that in a way that feels freeing to you.

Capricorn: This week Mercury in Aquarius highlights your 2nd house, the house of finances, income and personal assets. You may feel the tension of financial stress these days, but it’s a good time to face those fears and come at it head on. You are focused on being more practical and also going easy on yourself about earning and spending. This world does not make it easy to have a healthy relationship with these ideas. 

Aquarius: This week Mercury in your sign inspires you to share things that you have been thinking about for quite some time now. You feel more punctual and articulate under Mercury’s illuminating glow. Low commitment or spur of the moment time spent with friends is energizing and something you realize you might want to be prioritizing more. In love you value deep mental connection and stimulating conversation but also independence and spontaneity.

Pisces: This week Mercury in Aquarius highlights your privacy sector. You find yourself looking to shed the weight of old secrets and things from the past that are holding you back. You are feeling more reserved these days, and find the most relaxation in down time alone or with a few close friends. You value the freedom to express your deepest thoughts and reflections with those whom you trust.