Horoscopes: September 30 to October 6

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week as Venus moves into its home sign and your opposite sign of Libra, you are more focused on partnerships. You seek balance through compromise, negotiation and understanding. You find that honey works better than vinegar. Beware of superficial sweet talk or becoming fake in your attempts at playing nicely. Let it come from the heart and be genuine.

Taurus: Finally, things are starting to make sense and come together, as questions you’ve had all throughout Mercury retrograde find their answers in new perspectives. Venus in your fellow Venusian sign of Libra brings a sense of balance and comfortability to your relationships. You prioritize harmony and affection. You may be using kind words and charming pleasantries as your toolkit these days, but beware of people pleasing and codependency. 

Gemini: Mars in Gemini continues its unusually lengthy visit this week. You’re feeling flexible and you easily grasp the nuance of situations, but you find it difficult to devote too much time or energy to one thing. It’s more of a time for ideas than actions. Venus moves into Libra and it becomes easier to negotiate and compromise in relationships. But beware of being superficial just to smooth things over.

Cancer: This week the moon in your opposite of Capricorn on October 2 coincides with Venus’s move into Libra. You’re focused on close relationships and partnerships, and you seek to learn from others and to reflect on your interactions with people. Your love life may be becoming more predictable these days as you prioritize quality time, compromise and fairness. You are more likely to avoid anything that “harshes the mellow,” but beware of sugarcoating things. The Capricorn moon reminds you to cultivate self discipline and diligence. 

Leo: There is something about the sun and Venus in Libra that just works for you. It almost feels like Leo season part two. Your confidence is up, your love life/relationships are sailing more smoothly, and you’re spending quality time with yourself (in the mirror).

Virgo: This week, Venus moves out of your first house and into neighboring Libra. You’re feeling less focused on yourself and less fixated on your self image. You’re coming out of your shell a little more and looking for some surface level social and romantic enjoyment. You’re not looking to do anything intense at this time. 

Libra: Libra season truly kicks into high gear as your ruling Venus meets the sun in your first house! Your charm and sense of personal appeal are on fire. You are feeling sensual and generous with your attention. Beware of jealous gazes, For once, you are not imagining them. They’re there for real.

Scorpio: This week you are doing a bit of emotional heavy lifting, a Uranus-Neptune transfer towards the end of the week has you wanting to change your perspective and break some eggs to make that omelet. Your values and goals come into focus. Venus visits its home sign of Libra in alignment with the sun. It’s all about love and harmony. You’re looking for ways to add more diplomacy to your relationships. You strive for fairness and gentleness in your life.

Sagittarius: This week as Venus enters its home sign of Libra, you’d rather have fun than do literally anything else. You have so much playful energy you can’t imagine clocking in or working. In relationships you are good company and pleasant conversations but you are currently not in the mood for getting too serious.

Capricorn: Your ruling planet Saturn’s long term retrograde motivates you to think about the big picture, about time, and about responsibility. It’s not very fun stuff. You are redefining what discipline means to you and how you plan to apply it to your life. Meanwhile on the opposite end of things, Venus at home in Libra brings lighthearted charm to your love life. Push past the hesitation you feel about being “cutesy.”

Aquarius: Saturn’s retrograde in your sign has you feeling somber and overly pensive. You’re in a bit of a gothic mood these days. This is just one of your seasons, this will shift in time and you will begin to feel brighter soon. Meanwhile, Venus at home in Libra aligns with the sun for some lighthearted romantic energy. A welcome break for you. 

Pisces: The vibes are strange this week. Your mental antennae are picking up static and symbols that have yet to be pieced together into something that will make sense at a later date. Meanwhile Venus at home in Libra reminds you relationships are an aspect of life to be enjoyed, not feared.