Horoscopes: September 16 to 22

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Jupiter in your sign brings opportunities out of the shadows and into the light. You have an unusually lucky break this week that pushes you forward with greater confidence. Think about how to face what has been holding you back. From September 22 onward for the next four weeks, partnerships of all kinds play heavily into your life as the sun enters your opposite sign of Libra. Romance may blossom or deepen. Teamwork suits you best at work, and problem solving with a friend is best.

Taurus: There is a nostalgic yet pleasant vibe in the air this week. You’re thinking about the past as we have two planets (Jupiter and Mercury) in retrograde. The sun’s shift into fellow Venusian Libra on September 22 occurs in your health and wellness sector and you’re concerned with refining your habits and tidying up your life. You’re choosing everything more carefully lately. Heed advice given from experience.

Gemini: This week it may take extra effort to smooth things over if there is a conflict, but it is certainly worth the extra energy. You may also be looking to redecorate and beautify the spaces around you as Venus is in your home life sector until September 29. The sun moves into fellow air sign Libra on September 22 and opens your heart. You are feeling more patient, compassionate and creative through this transit and your ability to connect with others expands from a place of understanding and benevolence.

Cancer: With Jupiter and Mercury retrograde this week, it could be time for novel ideas and unlikely solutions. The sun’s move into Libra occurs in your home and family sector. You may be gaining insight into something from the past. Try to use that to your advantage as you seek to solve problems and create new things.

Leo: This week it’s all about partnerships and teamwork. You’re interested in practical goals, furthering education, and personal improvement. You may stumble upon something lost or forgotten as Mercury retrograde remixes things around you for a good reason. The sun’s move into Libra is a time of creativity and lofty ideals. You have great ambitions. 

Virgo: With Venus in your sign, you’re feeling particularly attentive to subtleties and details. You’re in the mood to tidy up and to mend things. You’re feeling confident that you can achieve whatever you set out to do. You have a certain lucidity this season, so it’s easy to express yourself and to understand your own innermost desires.

Libra: Your ruling planet in Virgo this week reminds you to take time in love, to take time in self reflection, and to forgive your own mistakes from the past. You feel protective of your emotions at this time. Healing is happening. The sun moves into your sign on September 22 and energizes your first house, the house of the self, of motivation, and of confidence. Libra in mythology is representative of Themis, the Greek goddess of justice. How will you be fair to yourself and to others? You seek to be less judgmental and to see the world with a fresh perspective. You want to give and receive love in equal measure. You want to improve the world, and that usually starts with small meaningful gestures and caring for our neighbors. 

Scorpio: Venus in Virgo occurring in your social sector until September 29 reminds you to show appreciation to your friends and to remember small yet meaningful details about them. You are more willing than usual to share, initiate outings, and invite guests. You’re breaking bad relationship habits and starting to try new more gentle approaches.

Sagittarius: This week as Mercury retrograde moves backwards and returns to your reputation sector it may be an ideal time to exercise both restraint and decisiveness in social and professional situations. The sun’s shift into Libra on September 22 shifts your focus to personal enjoyment, the pursuit of healthy relationships, and a general refinement of your lifestyle. You want to take better care of yourself and to feel free enough to be more sensual.

Capricorn: Venus in your fellow earth sign of Virgo asks you to stop asking yourself “what went wrong?” in terms of past relationships. This can be a time of letting go of the past, and an end to replaying scenarios in your head of the ways things could have gone. It sounds painful but it’s actually quite freeing. You can choose to focus more on the things that you can change, things in the present, or things that build into the future.

Aquarius: Mercury’s move retrograde into your intimacy sector can remind you of the problem areas you may have in your relationships. It’s not a time of disaster as some might perceive Mercury retrograde to be, but a time of reviewing and of gaining more insight and moving forward with greater care and intention as you expand your self awareness. The sun’s move into fellow air sign Libra highlights your personal values and ethics. You seek to be a person of strong character. 

Pisces: Jupiter’s energy continues to expand your possibilities in your resources sector. You may be finding new ways to improve your life, to make money, or to increase your opportunities. Venus in your opposite sign of Virgo has you reflecting deeply on your interactions with others. You want to be more constructive in your relationships and to accept responsibilities with grace. You’re more willing than usual to commit and to compromise.

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