Horoscopes: September 2 to September 8

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Due to Mars out in Gemini, you are feeling industrious yet scattered. It may be easy to get you interested in something, but it’s also difficult to keep your attention on it for more than a few moments. It’s still an ideal time for diversifying your skills and interests and for branching out in general. Meanwhile, Venus in Leo and then moving into Virgo on September 6 brings more honor and commitment into play in the relationship department. You realize you have to do what you say you are going to do.

Taurus: Your ruling planet Venus shifts from Leo to Virgo on September 6 and keeps the theme of familiarity, home life, and generosity going. Right now it’s about finding ways to show you care, being decisive when others need you to be, and sharing meaningful time together. With Mars in Gemini you can be quite fixated by side hustles and multiple ways to make money or connections.

Gemini: Mars in your sign is all about diversifying and branching out in terms of work, hobbies, and social groups. You’re feeling naturally versatile but somewhat competitive. Be sure to use your Gemini gifts of tact and charm so as not to step on any toes. Venus moves into Virgo on September 6, so it’s an ideal time to smooth out any rough edges in your relationships and to be extra nurturing and gentle. Mercury in Libra reminds you to check your vacillating energy and to improve your decision making. Stick to something.

Cancer: You may be having difficulty pulling yourself away from certain projects, ideas, or people this week. Mars in Gemini gives you a wave of super focused energy on seemingly random things. Be selective in where you put time and energy, and let go of things that feel unhealthy to fixate on. It’s always good to free yourself.

Leo: Venus moves out of your sign and into Virgo on September 6, which can be quite a relief from your own expectations of yourself and your loved ones. You’ve been putting a lot of pressure on everything to live up to some specific ideals. Perhaps it’s time to be more realistic and find things to love within the small imperfections as well. There’s beauty there.

Virgo: Venus moves into your sign on September 6 this week, and it puts a spotlight on all things love, beauty, and enjoyment. You may be prioritizing making or spending money, especially on gifts and entertainment. You’re feeling reserved yet affectionate. Let your own unique brand of loving blossom. The world needs to see it.

Libra: Your ruling planet Venus moves into practical and subtle Virgo. You’re feeling reserved and quiet, but there may be an undertone of anxious perfectionism beneath. Beware of being hypercritical of one’s self and of others. Direct your energy into being helpful and caring. Radical empathy is a strong suit of this transit. 

Scorpio: Under the influence of Mars in Gemini, your mental energy is sharp but your tongue may be even sharper. You go out looking for a healthy debate but you cut everyone down with your harsh and terse words. Channel all this mercurial eloquence towards something more pleasant and enriching for the sake of us all. 

Sagittarius: Jupiter in Aries brings with it the spirit of reinvention. You seek to renew your zest for life and to find new inspirations and to seize opportunities. You want to heal your belief in yourself and come to trust your chosen path. Beware of cutting others in line, remember to take stock of where you are and where others are.

Capricorn: Venus in fellow earth sign Virgo begins on September 6 and ushers in a period of healing both physically and emotionally. You may be getting into new routines or forming a deeper connection with yourself at this time. You are particularly in tune with your needs as well as the needs of others. 

Aquarius: Venus enters Virgo on September 6 and reminds us that love is not all about flashy displays or fiery passion (that stuff rocks, for sure, but there is a time and place). You may feel your artistic creativity and your romantic energy quieting down and becoming more subtle and nuanced. Right now it’s more about showing you care in practical ways, having good timing, and reserving your energy. 

Pisces: Venus enters your opposite sign of Virgo on September 6, and you feel more reserved and subtle in the ways of love. Your artistic or creative endeavors focus more on details and undertones. You see great potential in the more unassuming aspects of people and things. You have a keen sense of what lies within.